Monday, May 10, 2010

First Impressions

Don't worry pal, this blog will be short but not so sweet. It's all about first impressions!
This is all in relation to the first time I started using the Neutrogena UltraSheer Water-Light Daily Face Sunscreen which was Mother's day (yesterday)!

*Note: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Complete UV Waterlight Lotion - Asia version, Neutrogena UltraSheer Water-Light Daily Face Sunscreen - Canadian version, Neutrogena UltraSheer Liquid Sunscreen - American version.

First of all, I found out about it this sunscreen on Soompi. Soompi (IMO), where almost everyone in the forums are addicted to Asian cosmetics and skincare in relation to the two subjects in general. Most Soompier's & sunscreen fanatics like this sunscreen because it is milky in texture like most of the ones in Asia.

What can I say about this sunscreen? Nothing good enough to repurchase! I used it a couple of times & noticed a reaction but blamed it on my make up. Now I am beginning to think it wasn't and infact it is this sunscreen.
The reaction I got was a tingling burning sensation around my chin, nose and mouth. It didn't last as long as before but today even after 3 hours of washing it all off, my face is still burning. I used it all of today because I knew I was going to be in the sun for a long time. I applied it 30 minutes before going out and 10 minutes upon applying, the irritation began and since then it hasn't quit.
I enjoyed the milky texture and how easily it spread but it did not absorb quickly if at all. I felt that this sunscreen sat on my skin for more than 20 minutes before fully drying to a semi-matte finish. The formula made my dry patchy cheeks look greasy and ironically my t-zone was better than usual. However, the redness around my nose, mouth, and cheeks were worsened because of the irritation.
I conclude by not recommending this for sensitive skins!

**Read on if you are the type that nitpicks over ingredients.**

While it is PABA-free, paraben-free and claims to be non-comedogenic it is not. PABA can be irritating to some people and dimethicone is silicone based (definitely comedogenic). Plus ingredients that both irritate the skin and our environment. A well known ingredient, fragrance (parfum) irritates the skin which is begs the question why companies still include it in facial products! Most importantly this sunscreen contains oxybenzone which harm our Earth's coral reefs! Another is BHT, one of the worst ingredients and known as a immune system toxicant. What does that mean? It is harmful to the development of babies and pregnant woman should steer clear of this ingredient. While I advise all people to use a sunscreen daily, I wouldn't go for this one. I know there is a lot of controversy in regards to skin cancer and sunscreen but I will allow you to Google the topic yourselves.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Catch Up

Let's play catch up! It has been almost a month since I last blogged and I feel such shame. I said I was going to commit to this blog but I have been putting it off to have some "me" time. I haven't even played with my make-up in awhile even though I have had a one week break from college. Well my break is nearly over (classes start this Monday) so hopefully I find myself procrastinating from doing homework and readings to blog!
Last Sunday I went on a very big but small outting with my parent's to do a little shopping in Bellingham and Alderwood. Now being from Vancouver and at the edge of Burnaby, it took us about 2-3 hours to get to Alderwood. We passed by the Seattle Premium Outlet where I bought a Coach bag and wallet for a very reasonable price; the total was $163.80 ;) I can't seem to find the bag on the Coach website so I assume it is very old and neither does it have a "Coach Factory" label or tag so in know way could it be a "trial" bag. Same goes for the wallet but I assure myself and everyone else that my purchases are more than decent for the moderate price of a "high to medium end brand". I will take a photo sooner or later....
I spent over $30 on 6 rings at For Love 21 (accessorie store of Forever 21), some were gifts. I do not think I will be buying rings from Forever 21 from now on because even a size 6 does not fit my tiny fingers! It is such a shame because their rings are affordable & just my style!
I noticed at Sears (in the U.S.) have many more sales on jewelry than in Canada. Almost the entire jewelry department was half off the regular price! I bought a very cute key pendant with the necklace chain for $20. I assume it is sterling silver because it's still as shiny as when I bought it and I have been wearing it everyday since I bought it. Even to sleep (which is bad for the chain)! My mom bought herself a diamond ring for $100 because she feels her hands are bare at work. No one in the right mind would wear their wedding ring daily... It has too much sentiment and the sheer thought of losing such an item would break a heart, plus the ring is worth major $$$ so it's in a bank vault.
Overall we spent well over our (more like my) limit and I am banned from shopping for a month or two... My best purchase/bargain was a pair of booties for $5 at Marshall's. I am beginning to like Marshall's more than The Ross and Nordstrom Rack. I used to adore Nordstrom Rack because the prices were reasonable but now not so much. Perhaps it is because so many Canadians are crossing the borders to score great deals (???). I now only look at shoes and cosmetics or skincare at the Rack because the clothing is not worth it for me. I'm not a fan of Juicy Couture (besides their perfumes) and some other brands are overpriced! The Ross isn't as great lately as it is harder to find size XS or S now or shoes for elf feet (size 5 or 6) but Marshall's suits my needs much more. I've never been to TJ Maxx but I predict the first places I'll hit up in the U.S. are Marshall's, TJ Maxx, The Ross, Nordstrom Rack in that exact order. Also, I'm not fond of the malls because most stores in the U.S. are here too. Unless I'm looking for something specific at Sephore or Ulta, I'll most likely pass the malls and skip to the bargains!
But anyhow enough about blogging about life & splurging, I'll make another post on good old Project 10 Pan!
See you in a bit,ciao!


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