Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I've Got Mail - February 2012

February has been a fantastic month but I'm not sad to see it pass. But, before I jump into March and birthday month celebrations, I would like to celebrate a belated Valentine's day!

Instead of flowers, the SO sent me.... a bouquet of brushes!


And some miscellaneous stuff from Sephora.


I love EcoTools brushes but I haven't tried many of their eye brushes. Verdict? They're just as good as the face brushes. Also, this is my first time trying Real Techniques brushes and I have concluded that I love them too. Though, I did get one faulty brush within the Real Techniques Core Collection set. The Buffing Brush shed in chunks during it's first washing. Now I fear that if I wash it a second time, the whole head will come out and since the brush comes in a set, I can't buy an individual replacement. On the bright side, at least all of the other brushes are perfectly fine.

With so many new brushes, it is only fitting I get a new base product to go with them, right?


The Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation is all the rave but I've read that the original Healthy Mix Foundation is all the same. Thus, when I saw it for half the price of the serum version on ASOS, I ordered a bottle in #53 Light Beige. It's a fairly good match and the coverage is exactly what I'm looking for. If the shade wasn't sold out already, I'd get an extra bottle. Hoarder? Most definitely, but the foundation is that good.

And if things didn't seem great already, it gets so much better. The ever so wonderful and awesome Liz surprised me with...

Stila Make Me Blush blush!!!!!!

I missed out on Make Me Blush when it first came out and again recently during a flash sale on Hautelook but Liz sent me hers and I will treasure it always! The blush was supposed to help me stay strong during the ban but a few nights ago, I failed by buying a lip balm. If it helps my case, the lip balm was practically free. I had a discount that covered the price of the lip balm and a little more so really, I shouldn't be punished. But as always, I'll leave that for everyone else to decide in the comments. Let the judging begin! 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pretty, Pretty, Please....

.... update your subscriptions to Makeup Kismet!

Google is going to make things a little difficult for bloggers and readers once March hits so for other ways to stay up to date with Makeup Kismet, you can now follow the blog through Bloglovin and of course EmailRSS, and Twitter.

Demon dog is watching you and he hopes to see you again soon!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Ban: An Update ft. Random Beauty Snapshots

To make up for the lack of posts this month, I gathered a few snapshots of some beautiful palettes to fill the void.



Am I forgiven now? I'll take that as a yes or a "I hate you, for flaunting your beautiful palettes, jerk".

The pictures 
were taken with my new camera which I am still learning how to use. I really should have paid attention in Photography 11 classes... Anyhow, about the ban - it's going good, really good! I haven't had any urges that need resisting and it helps that I haven't left my house much this month. Hopefully I can keep this up until the ban ends because I quite enjoy a fatter wallet and less cramped makeup drawers!

What about you guys, any updates on your bans or have decided to implement one? I wish I had more tips to share, maybe next month! 


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