Thursday, September 30, 2010

Getting Lucky

It's Tuesday! Wait, what's so special about Tuesday, you ask? Triple 'O' Tuesdays, duh!
Every Tuesday, Triple O's has their original burger (aka. White Spot's Legendary Burger) for $3.33 (down from the original $4.69). I'm having two for dinner.. don't judge!
You can also make it a combo (fries & a drink) for an extra $2. I assure you, this is waaay better than a McDonalds combo. The Legendary Burger calls itself the "Sauciest, Juiciest, Tastiest", definitely not the juiciest but it sure is tasty and I always ask for extra mayo! the mayo is the best part!
Besides my dinner plans, I thought I'd share some of the beauty related products I bought last week. I have accumulated quite a bit...

Last Wednesday, with no intentions on picking either of these items up, I went home with:
The Wet 'n' Wild Color Icon Palette in "LUST" for $4CAD (not including tax). I was more interested in "Greed" but there weren't any left in stock. "Pride" and "Vanity" are nice to have but I don't need them as I hardly use blues or teals and I have an abundance of neutrals. I also find it ironic that Greed features peachy, pastel pinks yet the word itself feels more green. Back to Lust; the palette features 3 matte eyeshadows and 3 sparkle induced eyeshadows:

Both pictures were taken with indoor lighting; left with flash and right without.

After a long debate on whether I should/n't, I ended up grabbing the Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark-Circle Roller for $11.97 (down from $15.97).
(No picture for this one, sorry!)

Onto Hard Candy cosmetics which felt very promising at the start but led to a bit of "meh" syndrome... It took me a month of searching to finally find Hard Candy stocked at a Wal-Mart, not too far from me but still not as close as the supercenter 5 minutes from my house. It turns out the Supercenter near me isn't stocking Hard Candy... What the ****??? Annoying but at least I know where it is and that it is available to me!
All I picked up from the Hard Candy collection was the Baked Blush in Honeymoon and Welcome Matte Mattifying Powder. I'm not enjoying the baked blush much as a blush but it can work as a great highlighter. I wish I chose Pin Up instead when I was debating either or... :\
Also, the mattifying powder isn't so great. I went home to look for comparison reviews of MAC's Blot Powder(??) & apparently this one doesn't hold up as well. I figured the same, as my t-zone gets oily just as much as without the Welcome Matte. I'm doing a quick short review on that soon, don't worry!

(The Body Shop Cheek & Face Powder next to Hard Candy Baked Blush)

All in all, cute packaging & a friendly price. I only wish the the ingredients were nicer.
My TOP favorite purchase of all is the, The Body Shop 02 Cheek and Face Powder (Berry). I got it for a STEAL of a price at $8.90CAD before taxes. That's almost HALF of the original price *happy dance*!

You can see that I took one photo outdoors in natural lighting and the second photo indoors.
It's actually a cool toned blush despite the warmness of the indoor photo.
Last but not least, I bought the infamous Queen Helene Mint Julip Masque. I had no idea this was available in Canada , why didn't anyone tell me??! Where, you ask? *DRUM ROLL, please??* Alive! Alive is a vitamin and supplement store in Canada. I'm not sure if there are many but I do know (now) that they carry two Queen Helene facial masques and many different oils. If you're in Vancouver, Metrotown has an Alive store next to the pretzel shop, next to Beard Papas! I'm going to test this out for a while so wait for the good/bad news!
(No photo for this one too! Sorry =___=")
Anyway that pretty much wraps up this post. I was very lucky to find all of these half -bargins (The Body Shop, Hard Candy, Wet n Wild..) & unintentional finds (Queen Helene, Garnier..).
F.Y.I. - My intentions are not to brag about my purchases but to inform everyone where to buy things they're interested in and price points.
I will start writing the reviews for all of the products I purchased after a good week or month of testing. I'll catch you all later!
Edit: I apologize for the late, outdated post! I meant to post this on Tuesday but I had a lot of errands to do after work and was not able to publish this on time. At least now I can torture you with a picture of my deliciously half eaten burger!
P.S. Does anyone know how to use Blogger?? My posts are always rearranged after publishing and my font goes small and... ARGH!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Remember September

September is the month I always end up growing up; maturing. You'd think I'd be "growing up" in March but I can hardly explain what it is. Before I blog about nonsense, I want to remind everyone that September isn't the month to bicker and complain about our petty issues with the weather and homework. We need to be thankful for all that we have, right now. I'm sorry if I sound a little depressed but after my little vacation with my family, I came home to a nasty surprise. Not every ending to every story or day is perfect but one can dream.
So about my vacation - I took a two day trip to Seattle with my parents & some other family to shop/sight-see. To be honest, there wasn't much sight-seeing but a lot more shopping! Infact, I spent a fair amount more than my parents. I ran to two different Urban Outfitter's to find my precious Deena & Ozzy Treaded Lace-Up Boots in Tan. I ended up finding buying a pair in black the first day & found a pair in tan the next day. I kept them both because.. I'm crazy! I also bought a BDG Primary Satchel in Brown (to match the boots!) which is a affordable alternative for the Cambridge Satchel Company Briefcase. My mom, for some strange reason, was extremly chipper regardless of how grumpy I was... she really spoiled me. Even my dad was being nice but that's because he didn't know my mom bought me more make-up at Sephora. Just an FYI, my mom RARELY buys me anything at Sephora. The last time she bought me something from Sephora was in May of 2009. All my other purchases are from gift cards!
Before I lose your attention, here are non-artistic pictures:

Everything I bought during this trip was in preparation of FALL. I keep almost all of the clothing I buy, even if it grows out of style or season. I like to wear my moneys worth! This year, I'll enjoy experimenting with dark lips and nails. I've also bought a new white coat for the FALL & that's going to really make me stand out. No more dark coats, dark jeans, ankle boots!
I could really do without the make-up though... I have too much. I'm considering selling on Craigslist too. Anyone think I should post the ad links to my blog??
I went to the Cosmetic Company Outlet at the Seattle Premium Outlet too. I really should have bought more there & skipped Sephora. I have no idea what I was thinking. It was my first time going to a CCO & I only walked out with a MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner. It's odd because I'm not much of a lip person either... There's always a first for everything but I don't think I'll be buying MAC Tinted Lip Conditioners in the future. Even for $11.75 (USD), this is just eh for me.

At Sephora, I bought the Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden and...... Illamasqua Cream Blusher in Rude. The Illamasqua is by far my favorite cosmetic purchase from this trip! Illamasqua is still unavailable in Canada as far as I know. I don't know why because their Cream Blusher is amazing! I almost don't want to use it because it's so beautiful!
(Sorry no pictures for this!)

And before I take my leave, I declare Uwajimaya as the best & closest Japanese Supermarket to Vancouver, B.C. that carries some of the most amazing KOBE Beef and... Japanese cosmetics. I bought the Essential Nuance Airy shampoo & treatment there for $30 altogether. I couldn't find the conditioner.. ah well, I find treatments & condtioners are one in the same. My hair is quite soft and light after a week of using the shampoo but I'm on the fence about the salon-esque scent. We'll see if it helps my dandruff and color damage from Palty.
P.S. I dyed my hair again (even though I made an oath not to..). Prettia is finally being sold at the T&T Supermarket so I got a box in *something* black. It's literally a jet black; think geisha doll black. If you're interested, it's on sale for $13.99 but the original retail price is $16.99. I think I'm going to stock up on 2 boxes for my parent's before the sale ends.
I swear that ONE box is good enough for anyone will hair that reaches the small of their back.
Well that's all for today, I hope you enjoyed my super long picture! It had plenty of pictures, no??

Review - The Body Shop Passion Fruit Facial Cleansing Gel + MINI BLOG

Before I begin anything cosmetic or non-school related... I got the iPhone 4 (32G)!! For the next THREE years that I'm signed onto a contract with Rogers, I'm paying $302 (CAD) for the phone AND another $xxxx for the phone bill. I've calculated the total cost of the phone bill after the 3 years are over  & you wouldn't believe how much I'll be paying. I dare you to take a guess at my total, the answer will be at the very bottom of this post! Hint: Every month for the next 3 years, I'll be paying $80 unless I change my phone plan or my phone company gives me a special deal (unlikely). I've never had an iPhone before and I'm not a geek but this phone is decent. I absolutely hate people who tell me I'm a fool for buying the iPhone 4 or pressuring me to buy into the BlackBerry but honestly, whatever! Technology is changing day by day & in the end, no ones a winner because there is always something better. Nothing comes without a price or a flaw.
And onto something less depressing but boring, my review! I've been impatient but excited to do this review but I waited a good 2-to-4 weeks before I gave it my good word. I I still have a lot of time to judge & technically this could be another "initial" experience but I think it'll be alright if I did the review now. I will compare the Bioré PURIFY Steam Activated Cleanser to the Passion Fruit Cleansing Gel somewhere along the way, don't worry.

Here's what The Body Shop said about their (Originals) product:
Best if you want to: Wash away excess oil, makeup and impurities with a refreshing cleansing milk that gently cleanses without drying to leave skin feeling soft, smooth and refreshed.
Best for: all skin types
How it works:
- Community Trade honey moisturizes and conditions the skin.
- Passion fruit extract is a gentle ingredient that helps refresh the skin.
- Glycerin helps moisturize the skin.

In Detail
Did anyone notice The Body Shop described the Passion Fruit Facial Cleansing Gel as a, "refreshing cleansing milk"? I don't want to be a grammar snob but it seems like The Body Shop made a few typos. Better higher a new typist, ha!
The Body Shop asserts the Passion Fruit Facial Cleansing Gel is best for all skin types but while I found that hard to believe, it was infact very gentle. I've grown very fond of cream cleansers and wish they made this cleanser in a cream formula but an unscented cream cleanser is key to an ultimate extra gentle cleanser. After being spoiled by the Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser, I gather the Passion Fruit Facial Cleansing Gel isn't as gentle but far better than the Bioré PURIFY Steam Activated Cleanser. I can use this cleanser twice a day without dryness on my cheeks. The Bioré PURIFY Steam Activated Cleanser made my face dry in patches, especially around the nose and eyes. It helps remove all the oil on my forehead but cannot prevent the acne there but atleast it doesn't promise that ability. It's good for removing the heaviest of eyeshadows but fails with waterproof mascara. It can't defeat heavy facial make-up but light make-up? A-Ok. The fruity scent isn't an abundance of tropical fruits, just the aroma of passion fruit! I've also been using the Fuzzy Peach Shower Gel by The Body Shop & that smells equally delicious. If only I could use it for my face! The cleanser comes in 250 ml for $5.99 so it'll last a good 3-to-6 months. My only issue is the lathering. You only need two pea sized squirts to get a nice bubbly but your hands and face should only be barely damp! While it seems like everything is fine and dandy, think again. The Body Shop Passion Fruit cleanser comes housed in a flip cap bottle & could make it or break it for some people. Atleast sell us an individual pump. I'm beginning to hate having to switch my cleansers into different bottles to fit my liking!

In Short-form
Would I recommend this? Sure, give it a try if you're interested. Right now, The Body Shop is having a 2 for $10 deal on their Originals line. You could try a scented shower gel while testing the waters with this cleanser for $10 or pay $5.99 for the cleanser alone.
I like The Body Shop's Passion Fruit Facial Cleansing Gel. It's a simple cleanser that works well against heavy eye make-up or light facial make-up. It doesn't help my acne but nothing can besides better eating habits. I dig the delicious fruitful scent but some may not. I wish it didn't dry my cheeks but atleast it wasn't my whole face. The flip-cap bottle annoys me but luckily, I have an extra pump bottle laying around! The size is well worth the price for all it does too.

I sincerely hope someone found this review useful, there wasn't much to it. If you stuck around for the answer, it's....


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lovely Surprises

On certain days, I'll open my mailbox to find a load of goodies ranging from coupons or gifts to magazines. On other days, I'll come home to junk mail. Whichever it happens to be, I love finding mail with my name on it! I especially love surprise mail from close friends but who doesn't, right?? It will always turna bad day into a good one!
Like today for instance, I woke up to a nasty surprise. One: It was 3:30PM when I woke up, Two: I completely ruined a new pair of Hello Kitty boy briefs! Thanks Aunt Flow, you couldn't have warned me atleast??
And no, I do not think this isn't too much info. It happens to all of us ladies! It only seems to happen to me every time... regardless of checking when Aunt Flow is swinging by. I guess you really can't prepare for everything. So after taking an extra strength Advil, hopping into the shower & reheating leftovers, I went to check the mailbox. I was happily surprised to find a package from Jenny of
A Haute Passion!
Back in July, Jenny hosted a Nailene Giveaway with three different prizes. (Thank you, Jenny for having such a great giveaway!) I won the second prize which was a Nailene Couture Press-on nails kit.
Besides that, I finally get to go see my niece today after two dreaded weeks without her. I have had a terrible week and little things like seeing a baby smile or mail with my name on it will always makes ME feel better.

It couldn't have come at a better or worse time. I was feeling really cranky & unhappy but it certainly made me smile to find a package with my name on it! But... my nails are in horrible condition right now & I can't even test the nail kit. They are extremely pretty so I guess I'll have to save them for a more special occasion anyhow.
Just look, after 2 weeks of wearing Wet n Wild Megalast Nail Color in Bite the Bullet (207A) on my bare nails... this is what happens:

Besides that, I also got to see my niece today after two dreaded weeks without her. Seeing her smile, finding mail with my name on it AND Jersey Shore? I feel much better! If you have any tips or cures for cramps, please please please leave a comment & share.
Enjoy the weekend! It's ALMOST Friday!


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