Sunday, October 24, 2010

Have You Hit Pan Recently?

As the title asks, have you hit pan recently? I can't say I have.. I've only ever hit pan on one makeup item of mine and that was ages ago! I'll share more about that later.
Since reading posts like Operation Use It Up! by Haru of Rouge Deluxe and *Monthly* Empties by Shela of Confessions of a Beauty Guru, I have been inspired to dedicate posts on my used-and-abused or finished products. It's a twist on Project 10 Pan as I haven't completely finished every product on one list and some items aren't even on a list to be checked off. A majority of these products were just accidently finished!
(From L-to-R: Daiso Cleansing Foam, L'Oreal Go 360 Clean Deep Facial Cleanser, Vera Wang Flower Princess Perfume, LG Say Lavender Body Wash, jojoba oil, Caress Tahitan Renewal Silkening Body Wash, Nexxus Therappe Luxurious Moisturizing Shampoo)
           *Not pictured: John Frieda Hair Serum – Thermal Protection Formula*

I feel unaccomplished compared to Haru and Shela but this will have to do. I really dig Shela's spin on Project 10 Pan but I'm trying to be tougher on myself & I don't mean to say Shela has it easy because she doesn't. My mind always strays and I never manage to focus on one product at a time. The only part of my routine that sticks is moisturizers, eye cream (one for day & one for night) and toner (nightly only). Body care like shampoo, body wash, body lotion, shaving cream.. it's constantly changing. Although I should mention, I've been sticking to one shampoo recently to help my dandruff but it hasn't done jack.

Onwards to less (or more) babbling! I don't have much to say about the products I've finished as I didn't really a majority of them but like Haru & Shela (and many other bloggers) I will add comments and or mini-reviews.

My favorite product of the bunch and the one I'll actually miss is the Vera Wang Flower Princess Perfume. Flower Princess is  limited edition (not the orginal) and I believe is the first LE Princess perfume created and then followed suit was Rock Princess to Glam Princess. I don't think it's one of the popular Princesses because I can no longer find it in perfume boutiques or Sephora.. I do have a back-up bottle but since I can no longer find it in stores, I do not want to use it! On the bright side, I can now try another perfume guilt-free.

The most disliked products of the bunch: Daiso Cleansing Foam and L'Oreal Go 360 Clean Deep Facial Cleanser. I used the L'Oreal cleanser to clean makeup brushes after I hit the half way mark. It wasn't a bad facial cleanser but I disliked the smell mostly. I should have never bought the cleanser from Daiso as I have no clue what the ingredients are and if anything were to happen, who would be to blame?? I used it wash makeup sponges and face clothes. It's heavily scented and drying, I blame the SLS.Now that I look back, 5 out of the 8 products I have finished contain sodium laureth sulfate.
The LG (Life is Good) Say Lavender Body Wash was purchased at a local Asian supermarket (T&T). I paid $7.99 for the whole bottle with a bonus refill pack that I gave to a friend. I'm glad I gave the refill away as I got bored of the scent so quickly.. All it is, is a light,milky-lavender. After finishing off the LG body wash, I finished the Caress Tahitan Renewal Silkening Body Wash shortly after. I've repurchased this body wash in the same scent over two times now. It's tropical yet sensual and I love the exfoliating beads. My skin is much smoother and softer after using it but I won't be repurchasing it anymore as the scent is no longer as enticing as it once was.
 Note: Caress is unavailable in Canada. I purchased this at Target.
Snuggled in between the two body washes is a bottle of jojoba oil. I love jojoba oil as I can use it for everything! I added a spoonful to my body washes and lotions, shampoo and a few drops to facial moisturizers. I find it very moisturizing but I cannot rely on it alone. I have to use it in conjuction with other products to sink into my skin well.

Next is the Nexxus Therappe Luxurious Moisturizing Shampoo. I ordered a sample of it off of the Nexxus website and I really enjoyed the scent. In conjuction with the Humectress Ultimate Moisturizing Conditioner, it made my hair light, soft and smelled like almond milk and a hint of baby powder. I really don't know how to explain scents but it was a niceeee! If it had done anything for my dandruff, I would've bought a full size.

Last is the John Frieda Hair Serum – Thermal Protection Formula. I use this to protect my hair from the UV rays, heat-styling and frizzing. I love it and you need it! It costs a bit much for a drugstore product ($9.99+) but it promises salon-quality results. All I need is one pump or a nickel size amount for my hair (a little past shoulder length). One bottle lasts 3-6 months depending on how much hair you have. I love the smell, the shine it gives my hair, the protection it promises and gives! I looove it and highly recommend it!

Lastly.. oh wait I'm done! But before I go, I wanted to show my one & only "hit pan" product. I have a lot of makeup for a person who rarely wears makeup so this was/is a big accomplishment (for me atleast). I don't know how I hit pan on this particular item as I hardly use its kind but I did. So here we have it..........................................: 
                                N.Y.C. New York Color Matte Bronzer in Sunny (720C)

I hit pan for the very first time on my very first bronzer! You can buy this at almost any drugstore for no more than $3. Dulce of DulceCandy or DulceCandy87 on Youtube raves about it constantly so eventually, I caved in and bought it too. I'm glad it was my first bronzer because it's quite affordable and it doesn't make me look orange or muddy. A very good bronzer but very bad ingredients. For the low price, the ingredients are expected to be poor but I need to treat my skin like it's a Goddess or else it'll turn on me! I won't be repurchasing it again but if you want to try a bronzer, do try this one!

Sunday is nearly over and I hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was uneventful but I did go to the airport today to see my father off. He'll be gone for awhile but I'll cope, aslong as he comes back safe and sound (with loads of gifts too!).



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(Haha...yep, the soup was in a plate!)

Yay to you hitting pan on that bronzer! It takes me forever to hit pan on anything too, which is why I don't even bother with stuff like Project 10 Pan...hee hee. ;)

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