Friday, April 23, 2010

A Quick Clinique Review

I haven't blogged at all since last week and instead of coming back with another Project 10 Pan list, I'll do a short review. It's not a nice one so reader beware!
Tonight (it's 11:20PM here) I'll be going over the Clinique Super Rescue Antioxidant Night Moisturizer (for dry/combination skin).

I've been using this night moisturizer on and off now for about six months with little to no results. For the past week or so I've been having trouble with it to the point where I threw it out. Most facial moisturizers or face creams last about twenty-four months (or) two years.
I'm not sure if I should take it into factor that I got this as a sample from a gift with purchase instead of the full sized product. My sample comes in a pot (y'gotta dip your fingers in it) instead of the full sized squeeze-y tube. I assure you all that I am very hygenic when it comes to my face creams! My hands and fingers are ALWAYS clean before dipping my fingers in the devilish pots. I also never double dip. (I'm kind of getting hungry here...)
Onwards to tonight where while doing my nightly regime I faced a very disgusting result with my Clinique cream. After gently rubbing the moisturizer into my skin, I felt the cream start to pill. Yes, I said PILL. Like when you use a Japanese or Korean peeling gel? Where your "dead" skin starts to appear in tiny gel-ish balls?? Gross, I know!
I didn't do anything different tonight so why the weird and disgusting pilling?! I don't know but maybe it has to do with ..
The Clinique Super Rescue Antioxidant Night Moisturizer (maybe) being aimed for older women and men, aged 30 & up also. Being 19 and all I'm not that old or old enough so I don't exactly qualify. While I didn't face any tragic accidents before tonight with this cream, it wasn't a bad product. It is moisturizing but does not sport a thick consistancy or texture. I think some might like the fact that it wasn't greasy either (A+, duh). I prefer gel creams/lotions/moisturizers but for a night cream, it felt about right. So although it wasn't super thin or super thick, it met inbetween! Even when the moisturizer absorbed into my skin, it didn't sink in fully but it didn't sit on top. I certainly felt there was something on my face but nothing too heavy or rich for my pillow case! Aside from being quite moisturizing I felt there were no other results (booooo!). The acne on my forehead is still as red & patchy, my cheeks the same. It isn't meant to cure or prevent pimples and break outs, it does what it should. And then what it shouldn't..
I'm not sure how much this retails for but in the future, I don't think I'd reach for it anyhow. I am more interested in jojoba oil than middle to high end skincare products now. Well... for moisturizing purposes atleast!


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