Saturday, October 9, 2010

Getting Luckier!

I'm back again and not a month later.. *claps*
I don't doubt anyone has noticed that most of my recent posts are more "haul" type posts rather than reviews but.. no worries! I'm preparing an abundance of them so please bear with me for a little longer. Please??
I remember saying I was on no buy to a llow buy months ago (feels like eons) and I'm still sticking by it but the rules have changed a little. I started to log my purchases weekly since May of this year and I have noticed not much has changed in my spending habits. I'm still buying atleast 1 to 5 beauty products a week. Since May, I've only spent one week without buying any beauty products and it's now October... That's approximately 6 months of cosmetic hoarding! If you're interested in what beauty *junk* I've bought, I'll prepare another blog post for that, just say the word! All that money could have gone into a new desk that I've been trying to save up for!

Anywho, this is going to be my last "haul" update for awhile. The thing is, I feel like I should do these types of posts because I usually run out of reviews to publish and I don't like going weeks without updating my blog. Since my last update, I featured eyeshadows, to blushes, to make-up that wasn't widely or at all available in Canada. I was lucky enough to find Hard Candy at my closest Wal-Mart last Monday. My initial thought was that the Wal-Mart near me wasn't going to stock Hard Candy but they've finally cleared some room for the whole collection. I must mention however that the lipsticks and glitter liner are seperated from the core collection and there are no testers available unlike the first Wal-Mart I discovered Hard Candy at. This does bother me as I want to swatch everything without ruining something someone else might want to buy! The blushes and bronzers are sealed with plastics (safe) but the lipsticks weren't sealed properly (unsafe!). The plastic doesn't cover the whole entire tube of lipstick and infact, you can just pull out the lipstick from the tube like there's not seal at all! I said I wasn't a fond of the Hard Candy blush in Honeymoon or the Welcome Matte mattifying powder. I still stand by that but I will continue to use it or eventually sell it. I picked up another baked blush and this time in Living Doll. There was a fight between Pin Up and Living Doll as I wanted Pin Up before I saw Living Doll but I decided Pin Up can wait. I have many shades just like it! I am a blush fiend, what can I say? I had my primer phase and now I'm onto my blush phase. I hope I run out of phases to go through so I eventually settle into the nothing phase!

I also went to London Drugs to grab an EcoTools brush set for $8.99 (originally $15.99, on sale for $9.99 but I had a $1 off coupon!). It came with a bonus 5x mirror with suction cups on the back to place on a non-magnifying mirror (I think..?). I didn't need another brush set but I figured this set was a steal for $8.99. The brush set comes with a brush roll containing a blush brush, concealer brush, eyeshadow brush, eyeliner brush, and eyebrow comb. In total, there are 6 pieces and then a bonus mirror. I could use a concealer brush as the three I have currently, aren't very good! I also like having loads of blush brushes to go with my lot of blushes. I'm crazy, I know. And ontop of that, I bought a Balmshell lip stain on clearance for $3.97. A short review is coming up shortly on that. Loads of reviews are coming up shortly! LOADS.
(No photos for these!)
On Wednesday, I bought a Color Club nail polish set at Winners for $12.99. I bought two but tonight I returned one. The set I kept was Wild At Heart. Each set contains 7 nail polishes. Here are a few blogs that are spreading the Color Club buzz!

After returning a Color Club set at Winners, I ran into Cara (formerly The Face Shop) because I saw a hugeee poster that said Giractik Beauty products for $5. Turns out it was $5 for ONE product, $8 for TWO, and $10 for 3. I think I might go back for more, is that wrong? The original price of most of Girlactik Beauty products are $20+. Did you know Girlactik was formerly sold in Sephora? This is definitely a good steal and you might want to check it out if you're into shimmer. Most of the Girlactik Beauty products contain a hint of shimmer!
Oh anyway, now I'm babbling. I bought three blushes, all different shades in: Bora Bora, Havana, and Naples.

All in all, a very short loot. I definitely will try harder not to buy all this unecessary make-up. I know I haven't bought anything skincare for awhile so atleast I can pat myself on the back for that (besides the Garnier eye roller!). I even sold some make-up via Craigslist. I'm not rolling in the riches but atleast my make-up lot is lessening. I'll keep trying to get my stuff sold but until then, wish me luck!

Lotsa ♥,


Dina (XYYan) said...

The hard candy blush looks pretty! I've never tried anything from hard candy though :)

Ashley said...

It looks way pretty in the pan but it makes me look irritated and blotchy :(
But it is very doll-like! If you want that bright pink pop on your cheeks then this would do it.

Shop N' Chomp said...

I hope I fall into that nothing phase someday too!

Really nice haul =D Your post just reminded me to use my Hard Candy blush...hehe.

Thanks for joining my giveaway...good luck!!

Ashley said...

I don't think I know anyone or heard of anyone who's fallen into that blissful stage of needing nothing and wanting nothing. Come to think about it, it might be a myth!
I keep eyeing Hard Candy online & then wanting to go to Wal-Mart. I can't help myself :( I think I'll try Hard Candy lipsticks next. No more blush for me...

&Thank you!

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