Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Product Rave: The Face Net

While roaming Daiso, the famous Japanese dollar store, I found a nifty yet popular (in Asia) skincare accessory. I doubt I'm the last to hear about the "face net" but it is indeed a magical item. In the short time that I have been using it (five days), I have declared it a cosmetic must-have for everyone.
Essentially, the face net is like a loofah. Both the face net and loofah is made from mesh material and are are used to create a wondrous amount of fluffy foam! But unlike a shower loofah, you do not use the face net directly on the face.
The instructions are easy: simply wet the face net and add a drop of cleanser then begin massaging the mesh material between your hands. Squeeze all the foam you can hold in one hand and proceed to use it on your face.
I only need half the amount of cleanser I normally use to create handfuls of fluffy goodness, but not all at once. You can massage the face net repeated to recreate a bountiful of foam, all from half (or less) a pump of cleanser. Seriously, even the least soapy facial cleansers can turn into bubbly heaven thanks to the face net.
Foam cleansers are half of the exception. If the net is sopping wet, I find it dilutes foam cleansers. If the face net is less wet, it can create 10x the amount of foam I started with. The full exception is soapless cleansers such as cream cleansers.

What's included with a face net is a satin or plastic-y roped (looped) so you can hang dry the face net after each use. Mine comes with an extra ring so that the face ne cannot escape my hands.

Take a look:
Why I find I love the face net so much is because I use less cleanser and it is gentler on my skin. I don't have to massage a cleanser on my face where the cleanser never truly foams up through bare hands. The foam reaches every spec of my face so no spot is missed.
I also tried washing my make-up brushes with foam it and works better than my normal method. My "normal", now old, method was washing my brushes with pure gel cleanser. I used one full pump of cleanser to clean two brushes face brush. One pump cleaned an average of three eye shadow brushes. With the new foam method, I use half the amount cleanser and it works just as well. The foam reaches in between every hair so the method is thoroughly cleaning. Also, my brushes dry softer this way.

The moral of this story is to GO GET YOURSELF A FACE NET. You don't want it, you need it. To top off this post, look at my fluff!

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PoorCollegeStudent said...

That looks so fun! I use a cream cleanser, but this could be great for washing brushes!

Tracy@Beauty Reflections said...

How cool is this thing??? I've never heard of it. I need one!

Ashley said...

I'm making every excuse to use the face net! From brush cleaning to.. foam beards LOL.

I should have mentioned that this is a very inexpensive skincare accessory. I paid $2.24 for mine. If you can find one, let me know how you like it! And if you can't, I would gladly send one to you :)

Steph said...

Oooh! this looks interesting! never heard/seen it, but definitely must have one now! do you know where you can get them here? other than the japanese dollar store??

Ashley said...

I think perhaps a local Asian beauty store? I've checked Sasa & Ebay but shipping would take awhile. Atleast shipping is free from Ebay sellers :T

Jennifer said...

Hi :) thanks for joining my giveaway, am your new follower now :)

Ashley said...

Hi Jennifer!
Thanks for following :)

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