Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Review: Face of Australia Face Base Primer

It feels like eons ago but back in May I received the Face of Australia Face Base Primer from Adeline's 1 Year Anniversary Giveaway. It couldn't have come at a better time but why is it that I always fall for beauty products I can't get a hold of locally?! *face palm*

My foundations and tinted moisturizers weren't holding on at all at the start of summer. It then occurred to be that a primer might help prevent the slipping & sliding. Unlike any of the face primers I have tried, from drugstore to mid-end, Face Base Primer is the best in terms of performance and price (aside from shipping)!


The primer is oil free but boasts Vitamin E and Chamomile as its top ingredients. Face of Australia explains that the Vitamin E strengthens and smooths skin tones while the Chamomile and Yarrow extract protect the skin from free radicals. A sunscreen is always necessary but I appreciate the extra protection the Chamomile and Yarrow provides.

The texture of the Face Base Primer is like a gel-based moisturizer bordering lotion; lightweight and fast absorbing.  It's hydrating enough to create a patch-less canvas to work on but unlike a silicone-based primer, it won't smooth fine lines nor add a slippery feel to the face. It's a great prepping step that works to prolong foundation or tinted moisturizer wear.

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Sadly, so sadly, Face of Australia Face Base Primer is only available in Australia or online. It's priced around $10-12 for 50ml but if bought online, the shipping is nearly twice the price of the primer. Cringe with me?
There's also a brother (or sister?) primer to this one but all it includes is SPF 15. It's refreshing to see a brand giving their customers a choice in formulas.

If there's one primer Face Base is similar to, it has to be the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer. They're nearly identical in terms of texture but I find my make up lasts an hour or two longer with the former. There's no weird scent like the Laura Mercier primer has and it even absorbs a few seconds faster! And call be crazy but even after the exorbitant shipping fees, I still find myself loving Face Base more. You even get the same amount (50 ml).

Bottom Line:
The first Face of Australia product I have ever tried and it's a great hit! Like a make up junkie, I will continue to look for a "better" primer but if nothing compares to Face Base, I'll go back to it despite the scary shipping rates. Combo/dry skin may really benefit from this.




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