Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I've Got Mail - December 2011

December has been an unbelievably amazing month, even more so than November!
The month kicked off with my one year anniversary with the SO and the following day I had the greatest pleasure of meeting Dani and Tracy (two very cool Lipstick Bandits).

The amazing-ness didn't stop there of course. I also received a bunch of packages!

Beauty Crazed:


Ummmmmmm.... So I won the Beauty Crazed Fall contest winner... The SO mentioned with all these "wins" this year, people would start to think I'm hacking the contests in some way. I AM NOT, I SWEAR! But er, enough about this prize. Staring at it makes me feel guilty!

From Sigma:


 Sigma was offering free worldwide shipping for Cyber Monday so I ordered the F80. The reviews aren't wrong - this brush is good. It gives my $46 Sephora brush a run for it's money.

From Sasa:


Sasa had free shipping again so I ordered two back ups and a new facial wash. It took two visits to the post office to finally get my package. The first time I went the worker said I came a day too early but the delivery notice clearly stated that my package would be available on that day. What a waste of my time but better my time wasted than having my package lost or stolen!

Lastly, the last package of the year from the awesome SO:


This is by far the best package from the SO this year. The Urban Decay Naked2 palette is an anniversary gift and a great one at that. Then we've got miscellaneous online steals, Sephora orders, Cyber Monday orders - the usual.

It's been a crazy month year, no? Words can not describe the happiness I feel. I am so grateful for everyone I've "met" through blogging this year. Hopefully I meet many more of my beauty blogger friends in 2012! Thank you all for continuously supporting Make Up Kismet, see you next year!


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