Friday, December 17, 2010

Hoarders: Cosmetics Series

Does anyone watch the AE series, "Hoarders"? I haven't but I've seen the commercials. Basically the show features hoarders and people with OCD.. it's a scary show (imo). Hoarders are people who keep things or collect things for many different reasons. The worse part about being a hoarder is the inability to let go of some of the things. I'd say my parent's are hoarders but not to the extent you see on AE's Hoarders.. thank someone.
Since AE's Hoarders has been on my mind a lot lately (& nightmares!), I came up with the idea of doing a Hoarders series on my blog. You see, I hoard makeup and it's bad. I rarely use all of my makeup nor do I use it on friends & family. I've been fiddling with makeup for over 2 years now & I'm still not very skilled when it comes to application. I have no technique to doing anything!
Putting my uselessness aside, I'll be featuring a different post infrequently on the abundance of products I have. Basically, I'll be showing you my makeup collection in segments. The catch is, I rarely wear certain types of products but I want to show you how much of it I have. Of course I've thrown some out along the way because they are utter crap but the one's I've kept are still useless to a person like me. My intention is not to brag but we all have hoarding tendencies & I'm showing you mine. It's hard to let go or products too which makes more trouble by taking up excess space.
Do you think this is a good idea? I'll do it anyhow as it makes myself AND you think about how much you have & think twice about buying more. I hope to become your new conscience; watching you closely and judging your purchases.

"Did you really need that?" Thanks for reading & don't forget to comment!
Ashley :)


Dina (XYYan) said...

I always try to resist myself to hoard beauty stuffs, and I think I'm doing pretty good since I only buy things that I really really want and think about it very thoroughly beforehand, hehe..

AngelicBetrayal said...

I think I have a similar problem >.< I have soooo many eyeshadows considering how I only use a handful.... I'm pretty good at controlling myself when it comes to certain products like lip and face products. But eyes... that's a different story :(

I love seeing people's collections though! Please update soon :D

Ashley said...

@ Dina:
I'm jealous of your self control. I am not capable of stopping myself or letting anyone stop me... I'm working on it though! I truly am ....
@ AB:
Thinking of your name (AngelicBetrayal) makes me want to play Maplestory again! Odd question, have you checked out the BIG BANG on Maplestory?
Anywhoo, I'm coming up with a plan of attack right now. I think I'll take the photos of products soon but first... I must gather all of the products! I can't wait to humiliate myself. It's embarassing how much makeup I have :(

AngelicBetrayal said...

Wow, did I ever mention that I got my username from Maplestory 0_o Haha, that's pretty cool that you caught onto that. I used to play it a lot when I was younger (like 5 years ago) and I made almost all my usernames Angelic Betrayal. I stopped playing years ago though so I'm not sure what the big bang is.

Aw, it't not humiliating. A lot of people, like myself, suffer from the same problems :)

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