Thursday, December 16, 2010

Update Numero Tres

Today's update consists of the beauty products I have collected since November. I'll include mini reviews but if you would like full reviews, ask in the comments. As I did with my second update, I'll start with latest purchases to oldest purchases.
Side note: : I blame weekly sales, coupons, & deals for my obsession with makeup. It's like a force that drives me towards spending money on makeup! And I just can't resist...
After checking my work schedule, I went to H&M to use my $5 off coupon. It expires tomorrow (my excuse for buying something.. again!).

Since H&M debutted their line of beauty products, I haven't taken the initiative to try any. I decided today was the day & paid $2.18 for this pretty palette (My Summer Romance Palette). My swatches look pretty good but those shadows are blended out. I experienced crumbling and fall out whilst swatching. The ocean/baby blue shadow also applied patchy so I had to layer it for evenness. Other than that, this H&M eyeshadow palette is quite pigmented. Would I pay the regular $6.95? No, but if I had another $5 off coupon.. YES!

Quick run at London Drugs on Monday:
Picked up two Alicia Silverstore EcoTools brush sets for $9.99 each (on sale - regularly $19.99). I paid $14.99 for this exact same brush set at Winners awhile back too, boo! Keeping another one for myself and giving one away for Christmas! The Finishing Brush, Blush Brush, and Angled Eye Shadow Brush are amazingly soft and easy to use. Actually, I love the Angled E/S brush the most!
Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Lilac Pastelle - $9.99. Most I've ever paid for a drugstore lip gloss but the reviews from Spring/Summer 2010 drove me into a frenzy. I'll pick up Pink Pop when it's on sale and maybe even Coral Reef. I like the texture - milky but not sticky. No taste but I detect is a light vanilla candied scent.
Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition Green Tea + Soy Cutitcle Oil for $4.49. I love cuticle oils but they can be really expensive. This tube is much better than a click pen as you can control how much goes on the applicator and you can see how much you've used up. I need to test it longer to see if it really works. Will review later!
Revlon Spa ILLUMINATE Skin Renewal System - $10.39. Sorry, I already wrecked my box so you'll have to settle for a stock image! The exfoliating brush is surprisingly softer than the facial brush from The Body Shop.

And as mentioned in my previous update about my Sunday adventures w/ the 'rents, here is what I picked up last Sunday. The Body Shop is always offering a great deal. From December 10th - 12th, they had a promotion called, "Spin the Wheel of Joy." It was a wheel you spun that would give you random savings. I spun & got $20 off a $40 purchase whereas my mom received a 3 for $30 deal. I ended up getting 50% off my whole purchase since I spent over $40... woops!
The Body Shop Brow Definer in 01 Blonde/Auburn. A little too light for me but I tend to use a heavy hand when defining my brows. I'm still practicing!
The Body Shop Originals Shower Gel in Green Apple and Fuzzy Peach. I've reviewed Fuzzy Peach a little bit in this post. Green Apple smells like freshly cut apples! I'm thinking of gifting them but... they smell so good! :(
The Body Shop Nature's Minerals Foundation Brush. I need to use up all of my Everyday Minerals samples before they expire. This brush shall help that cause. It's soft on the face but hard enough to buff the powder into the face without scratching and shedding. It is not flimsy or fluffy like the Tokidoki Kabuki Brush.
The Body Shop Luxury Flannel Washcloth - feels rubbery like a foam rubber sheet... It's awkward but I haven't tested it fully. However, I do not recommend using it as a facial cleanser cloth as it absorbs all of the foam from your cleanser!
A lip/eye kohl sharpener for me madre. She also got a Nature's Minerals Foundation to accompany her new Nature's Minerals Foundation Brush. I'm going to practice my application skillz on her later... dun dun dun!
The Body Shop Cheek Color in 05 Tea Rose. I don't need more blush either but I can't be stopped so don't bother. Surprisingly, this blush isn't shimmery like most TBS blushes. I see faint sparkles in the pan but do not transfer on the skin. The blush is fairly pigmented and easy to use. Even with my heavy hands, I don't look too dolled up or clownish.
The Body Shop Round Handle Facial Brush. I don't have the money for a Clarisonic so I'll settle for a $1.50 exfoliating brush. It feels soft on the sides but on the face.. it's a tad hard. The tip of the bristles aren't prickly, they're just not soft... I rather spend the extra $7 for the Revlon kit pictured above but really.. If I had $200? I'd invest in the Clarisonic!

Before my parent's came home, I went to Rexall, London Drugs & Zellers to score some major deals.
From the Annabelle Insomnia Winter 2010 Collection, the Annabelle Multi-Dome Baked Eyeshadow Palettes in: Insomnia (pale yellow-gold, green, lavender, violet) and Disturbia (red, blue, red-orange, brown). I've wanted these palettes since their release but the $13.99 price tag hurt. Rexall had 25% off ALL Annabelle cosmetics so these babies were on sale for $10.49 each but $8.49 using $2 off coupons I've been saving! Total: $19.50 for 8, beautifully pigmented baked eyeshadows. SCORE!

JANE Cosmetics are 50% off at Zellers. I heard the brand was being phased out of Walgreens & another rumor about the brand going bankrupt... Not sure what's going on but the selection of JANE Cosmetics at Zellers is quite... old and most items have collected dust! Since the Aguaceutical lines is relatively new, I decided to try some of the eyeshadows and tinted moisturizer. I paid $4~ for each.
JANE Aguaceuticals Sheer Tinted Moisturizer in Light/Warm Tones. A tad orange on me, egh..
READ: JANE Aguaceuticals LipStix in Laguna looks like Nars Orgasm/Super Orgasm Blush in lipstick form. Kind of pornstar-ish to me but it's glamorous in that way.. Never was a fan of Nars Orgasm but apparently makeup fanatics are gaga for gold shimmer and peachy pink cheeks!
JANE Be Pure Mineral Eyeliner in Wine. Reviews say these gel eyeliners are creamy and rich in pigment. Definitely rich in pigment and creamy when applied to the skin. I didn't feel or experience tugging when applying this gel eyeliner but it was hard to get onto my brush because it's hard top layer.
JANE Aguaceuticals Aguashimmer Eyeshadow (quad) in: 02 Sandstorm, 03 Reef, and 04 Bamboo. They aren't rich in pigment but still work and are great for more natural and neutral eye looks. They work best when wet.
During Rexall's 50% Face Products sale, I grabbed the Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless Sculpting Blush for nearly $6 each thanks to a $3 off coupon.

From L-to-R, Top-to-Bottom: Rich Cinnamon and Lushberry. Flash, No Flash.
My swatches are much more accurate than the product photo. It is much softer & less bright than my camera perceives it as. I thank Gianna of NouveauCheap for helping me with my purchase. Gianna can be an enabler sometimes but if she recommends you something, you get it or you'll regret it.

More from Rexall and Superstore:

N.Y.C. Blushable Creme Stick in Plaza Pink to complete my collection of Blushable Creme Sticks. I have every color now! I highly recommend these. They apply as cream but blend like powder.
Ultra Last Lipwear in 416B Berry Rich and 407B Smooch. Karen of MakeupandBeautyBlog's review made me run to Rexall immediately to pick up Berry Rich. Lucky me, N.Y.C. lip products were BOGO Free. Too bad my freebie, Smooch, ended up being a frosty pornstar shade. What ever you do, SKIP Smooch!
Ignore the Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless Serum Primer as I returned it. I do not recommend it. It's an overpriced moisturizer with a silicone-slick feel to it.
Last but not least, Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Gel CreamLiner for Hazel Eyes and Blue Eyes. (Geeze what a mouthful...) I found these babies on clearance/sale at Superstore for roughly $7. I grabbed the last two! I haven't seen them them on display since I purchased them and that was almost a month ago... As for the quality of these gel liners; they are SUPERB. I find them creamy and pigmented - better than the Maybelline EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliners. The brush included is soft but as sturdy as the Maybelline one. The gel's would make great bases for a smokey eye look.

Just so we're clear, I've held off on a lot of other beauty products so I haven't been all that bad! I'd share examples but I feel embarassed enough as it is. I buy loads of beauty products yet... I always want more! I'm so greedy -_____-"
I should mention, I also got a few Sephora goodies from the S.O. but I'll include that in my Christmas gifts post. It isn't even a Christmas present but I don't want to get into it, heh.

Question of the Post:
What was your most recent beauty purchase?Obviously you've seen mine.. now tell me about yours!
I'll be back again, very shortly.. Tata for now!


Steph said...

Ohhh! What a haul :) I LOVE coupons and sales.. it's sad, but gotta save up as much as you can right?

Those annabelle shadows look gorgeous! I bought some a while back but they were all chalky and wasn't as pigmented so I returned them! Wow @ the NYC cream sticks! I only have 2 colors including backups lol!


Ashley said...

I love using coupons. You'd be crazy not to use them! I only wish you could stack coupons in Canada :(

Which Annabelle eyeshadows did you try? I have quite a few & they're very good. I especially love my new baked eyeshadows!
And I know, I'm insane! I thought the NYC cream sticks were limited edition so I bought them all at Rexall but it turns out.. they're permanent! Oh well, they're so easy to use & one tube will forever.

Anonymous said...

What country is the "Jane Be Pure AquaCeuticals Sheer tinted moisturizer" (not the cosmetic company) made in? Please reply back A.S.A.P. and thanks!

Ashley said...

The Jane Be Pure AquaCeuticals Sheer Tinted Moisturizer is made in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh okie then! Thanks for the quick reply! =D

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