Sunday, February 6, 2011

Spotted: Great Deal @ Superstore

Another short & quick "Spotted" post for my Canadian readers!
Passed by Superstore after dinner and picked up two Joe Fresh cosmetic products - both from the Holiday 2010 collection.

From L-to-R: Joe Fresh 5 Must Have Brushes; $9.50 (down from $19) and Nail Set of 3; $5.00 (down from $10).

Both of these sets are currently on "quick sale" for 50% off ontop of their sale price which means they're actually $4.75 and $2.50! Remember, the sets have to have the pink 50% off sticker in order for the discount to work and TELL YOUR CASHIER TO APPLY THE DISCOUNT. Cashiers usually don't check for the pink sticker and scan the item as is but these items are reduced for clearance!
Joe Fresh 5 Minute Holiday Face Palette(?) is reduced to $9.50. No pink 50% off sticker so I didn't grab that. Maybe next time!

Quality of the Products:
I haven't washed the brushes yet but they feel soft but not teddy bear soft. It has that "one hair is hard and scratch but the rest is A-OK". The Blush brush, Large Eye Shadow brush and Crease Brush pick up powder products well but I have yet to try t he Eyeliner brush or Concealer brush.
Definitely worth the buy if you haven't tried Joe Fresh cosmetic brushes before. I mean, it only comes out to be like a dollar per brush!

The nail set contains Joe Fresh nail polish in Onyx, Steel and Beet. I've tried them all already and the formula is good in Onyx and Steel. Beet requires three coats for perfect opacity. I can still see a little bit of my nail bed with two coats of Beet even though the color is so dark?! :\
Steel is opaque in ONE coat but applies thick (do not mistake thick for goopy!). Onyx requires two coats and it's a solid steel grey/black - best if you don't want straight black nails!

Really short but I hope everyone else spots these deals at their local Superstore!

Ashley :)


Shop N' Chomp said...

I feel like I've heard of Joe Fresh before. Is it a Canadian brand?

(Hey, nothing wrong with jeans. Just take a look at my last

Ashley said...

Hey Shop,
Your guess was right! Joe Fresh is Canadian. They make clothing, jewellry and cosmetics.

Speaking of jeans again, I need a new pair of skinny jeans!

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