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Review: Hada Labo GOKUJYUN Lotion

After reviewing the Hada Labo GOKUJYUN Face Wash, it would only make sense to review the Hada Labo GOKUJYUN Lotion which is the follow-up toner. To simplify things, I'll start calling this lotion the SHA Lotion but let me also cover some other things:

1) Hada Labo keeps it simple with the ingredients they use. You'll find that their skincare range is free of fragrances, colorants, mineral oil, and alcohol; a suitable option for sensitive skin.
2) Lotions are a type of toner that are gentle on the skin and prevent moisture loss. In some cases, lotions can provide an extra boost of moisture which this SHA Lotion happens to do.
3) Yes, I live in Vancouver but no I did not purchase the SHA Lotion within Canada.
My mom bought the lotion for $85HKD in Hong Kong; roughly $10CAD. Check out
Sasa's website if you're sincerely interested in trying out Hada Labo products.

Now onwards to the review....

Sasa's Description:


Hadalabo is a newly mutually-developed brands operated by Rohto (Japan) and Mentholatum (USA), with the concept of 'Perfect & Simple’. They bring you a series of skincare products with the highest purity of ingredients under strict quality control.

HadaLabo GOKUJYUN Super Hyaluronic Acid Lotion is infused with super hyaluronic acid which deeply penetrates into skin. It keeps on moisturizing and softening skin, meanwhile enhancing skin’s water-binding ability, leaving skin supple, smooth and radiant. Weak acid, no fragrance, and no colorant.

Also, the Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Lotion is said to retain twice the amount of moisture than compared to regular Hyaluronic Acid. Whether or not this is true, another claim says at least one bottle of this lotion is sold every 4 seconds in Japan!While I have yet to try regular Hyaluronic Acid,  Hada Labo's SHA turns my face from dry, patchy Hell to smooth and soft skin Heaven - all thanks to 3 drops of what feels like Jell-O water.
What's Jell-O water?
Imagine making Jell-O but not all of the Jell-O hardens and you're left with drops of runny Jell-O mix. It's not quite water but it's not a jelly; it's Jell-O water!

The application is fun - I pour 3 drops of the lotion into the palm of my hands and gently pat the lotion onto my skin as instructed. My face becomes bouncy and sticky with continuous but the latter subsides after a minute or so and then I'm left with soft and supply skin!
As wonderful as the SHA Lotion is to my dry skin, practically any skin type can benefit from this lotion as the consistency is so thin and the product absorbs without a hint of shine or residue. If your skin is in need of a quick fix, the lotion can also be used as a face mask - all you need are cotton masks. Perhaps combination to oily skin types can even use the lotion as a light moisturizer.
Remember, it only takes 3 drops to cover the entire face and the consistency is thinner than the average gel-cream, see?


More great news - the 170 ml bottle which costs roughly $10CAD can last up to 8 months even if used twice daily. I have been using my bottle since January and only now has it hit the half bottle mark!

Bottom Line:
I'd say "run, don't walk to your nearest Hada Labo retailer & grab a bottle of this lotion" but that's not possible for many of us. The Hada Labo brand is only (officially) available in Asia. However, if there's a way to pick up a bottle of this magical liquid, do it because I recommend this product 100%. The price is right and the product does not disappoint!

If you can translate the label, be my guest!


Rainy Days and Lattes said...

The jello water description is perfect. Thank you! I've been wanting to try this for awhile now especially since they use pretty natural ingredients.

I can't see the Flickr images, btw. It says it's unavailable =/

Ashley said...

Hi Rainy,
Don't know why my Flickr is being weird but thanks for telling me. Hopefully it's fixes now :)
Do try this lotion out, your skin will love it!

mandy said...

I use this too! I love how it makes my skin bouncy lol I think it does help hydrate/moisturize my skin better than normal toners do. Which was very important during the winter months when I first started to use it. Hmm you only use 3 drops? Maybe I over use I use twice as much =X I also got the whitening version. I hope it'll work well :D

Steph said...

Great review! I'm so jealous of how you find so many Asian products to try where you are! I'll definitely look into finding this at PMall haha! xo

Ashley said...

Sometimes I use 3 drops for my whole face and an extra drop for around my nose and dry patches so 6 drops doesn't seem too far off. Maybe your skin is just 2 drops drier than mine :P

Thanks Steph<3
I hope you find a bottle of magic at PMall, it's a lifesaver >___<
& here in Vancouver, we have atleast 4 malls where you can find Asia's most popular products at super inflated prices Luckily, I have friends & family in Hong Kong to help me restock on staples :P

Mai said...

Is this specifically for the face or can it be used all over the body too? It looks really moisturizing so I kinda want to try it but just seems inconvenient since its not so readily available in the U.S.~ I've heard a lot of good things about this brand so maybe if I ever come across it I can try it out :D

Ashley said...

The lotion is a facial product but I don't see anything wrong with using it all over the body too since it's very gentle :)

Rilakumaki said...

yeah, I see that bottle a lot here in Japan so maybe that statement is true. I never tried it tho, thanks for the review!

Ashley said...

YW :)

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