Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hoarders: Lip Balm Edition

Hello and welcome to Makeup Kismet. My name is Ashley and I hoard lip balms!
Compared to the average person who owns about one to three lip balms at a time, I own over twenty-six at a time...
If there are other crazy(er) lip balm ladies out there, please stand up and join me. I don't want to be the only crazy person at this party.

One chapped lip, 26 balms to use:


Depending on how much water I drink per day and if I use my new love and holy grail, Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm, I don't find myself needing lip balm all that often now.
The stuff works extremely well and I already have two more flavors coming in the mail.
This lot may last me a year and a half. Hopefully less because I'm sick of rotating the same lip balms over and over again. I literally have to ask my mom to hide JB from me or I'll finish the little sucker in a heart beat.

Besides that, my new favorite lip balm brands are Jack Black (duuuh!), Carmex and, Korres.
I still enjoy EOS, Aquafina and Softlips but the love is dying. Everyone knows and agrees that EOS has the best scented lip balms out there and the cool sphere design will always have a place in my heart but the performance of the product is so-so.
Aquafina and Softlips are just okay lately but who knows, my mind changes all the time.

Once again, I conclude another random Hoarders entry and as always I am willing to take review requests in the comments below!
One more thing, be prepared for my 50+ giveaway which will be up and running on Friday ;)



mandy said...

I have a small hoarding probably with lip balms too! But not as many as you lol I have about 5 or 6 maybe 7 lying around everywhere. I think that if I actually liked minty lip balms my collection would be way bigger. I'm really tempted to buy the new Jack Black duo at Sephora because of the SPF and raves! Watch me end up purchasing them anyways lol xD

Liz (Beauty Reductionista) said...

Wow! You have as many lip balms as I do lip glosses! Fortunately I'm not a huge balm addict, though my chapped lips do need them desperately at all times. I've completely given up on ever seeing those EOS balms in real life. I'm quite happy with my Burt's Bees, Vasanti and Rosebud!

Rilakumaki said...

LOL! omg wow! At least ur lips would never be chapped!!

Anonymous said...

What's going on with the CO Bigelow? Does that say Blueberry on it? Gahhh I need it!!!!

I've got loads of lip balm too about 50 or so on my last count!

Kabs | Mallory said...

You're a hoarder like me too when it comes to lip balms!! YAY! Haha.

I've never tried any of the Aquafina lip balms but a lot of my friends rave about it. Maybe I should give it a try, huh?

Kabs | Mallory said...

Ashley, just letting you know that I just awarded you the Liebster award!

Ashley said...

Get the Jack Black duo! Seriously, it's the best lip balm I have ever used.

I find most lip balms too waxy but Burt's Bees was a favorite of mine as a teenager. I still use some sort of Rosebud salve because it's great at multitasking.

If I overuse a certain chapstick, my lips will begin to chap but yeah, I rarely get chapped lips now :P

Skin Scrubs,
YES! C.O. Bigelow DOES have two new Rosebud flavors: Apple and Blueberry. They aren't strongly scented but I'd say Apple is more prominent :)

Thanks for the award! I'm glad we share a lip balm hoarding addiction ;)
And yes you should definitely give the Aquafina lip balms a try. I don't particularly enjoy the flavored ones but the original is a winner. There's also an oil which is a nice night treatment for the lips.

D.Sadie said...

Damn! That's a lot of lip balms! Haha. Great blog. =) New follower.


dani@callitbeauty said...

ooh! i've been wanting to try the eos lip balms out, but i haven't seen any in the lower mainland. i've been dying to try the korres lip balms, too!

Ashley said...

Thanks for following!

Rexall supposedly carries EOS lip balms. I checked in stores a month ago but I didn't see any. They may be in stores now though!

Eden-Avalon said...

Wal Mart has some of the EOS lip balms, rarely in store. Your lip balm collection and my lip balm collection should have a duel. In sheer quantity i'd win but I much prefer the quality of yours.

Ashley said...

I've seen EOS lip balms at Wal-Mart in the US but so far not in Canada.
& LOL Let's not duel, my lipbalms can't take the heat, literally :P

Anonymous said...

Those are a LOT of balms. :D

Follower from Asia! :D


Ashley said...

Hi Janinay!
Thank you for following :)

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