Tuesday, November 22, 2011

All About Me From A to Z

Tracy of Beauty Reflections did this neat alphabetical get-to-know-me post and I thought I'd join her. Since there are 26 letters in the alphabets, there will be 26 facts about me!


for Age - I'm 20 now but I turn 21 in March.

B for Best Holiday - This one is hard... I've traveled a lot since I was born. Hell, I went to Vegas when I was 2 years old (don't remember it but there are pictures to prove it!). I guess the best holiday was when I went to Hong Kong for the second time when I was 15. We also went to Taiwan and Japan on that trip!

C for Chores You Hate - There are only two chores I really hate. The first one is a battle with the dogs: giving them their bath. Then there is the issue of changing the duvet covers. Seems like i can never get the duvet to line up with the cover and this annoys me so much!

D for Dogs - Let's refer to C, shall we? I have 3 dogs in total; 2 adopted and 1 bought. They are indeed a handful but I would not trade them for any other dogs. Okay, so I did try to trade them a while back for a Pomeranian show dog but of course that fell through...

E for Essential Start to Your Day - Don't have anything particular besides to pee. Small bladder, what can I say?

F for Favourite Colour - Sea foam green or teal. I like colours that lay between the lines of blue and green!

G for Gold or Silver - Silver because it's easier to wear. I do have a few favourite gold pieces like this Little Mermaid necklace my uncle stole from a VH1 back when I was a wee toddler. There's also a sun, moon, and stars necklace my dad bought for me when I was a baby. It broke but I kept all the pieces in hopes I can fix it one day for my own daughter!

H for Height - I stand short at 5'1. Sometimes I lie and tell people I'm 5'2, not that it makes a huge difference *sigh*.

I for Instruments You Play - None. I learned how to play the ukulele and guitar back in elementary school but that only lasted for a year.

J for Job Title - From time to time, I will work for my mom at our family-owned insurance agency but for the most part, I am unemployed. So... do you need insurance?

K for Kids - Way too young for this. Next question!

L for Live - Vancouver born & raised. I love this city but eventually, I will have to move to somewhere sunny with lots of sand!

M for Mother's Name - Donna with no nickname or middle name.

N for Nickname - My siblings call me Ash and occasionally Ash-tray if they're teasing me. I also developed the nickname Ashlex late in high school because the English teacher of all people didn't know how to spell my name..

O for Overnight Hospital Stays - Only been overnight once and that was last year, the day before New Year's Eve. Do not want to talk about it... it was terrible.

P for Pet Peeves - Some people have road rage, I have sidewalk rage. I can't stand a slow walker or pedestrian. Listen Miss. I Think I'm Hot Stuff, if you're going to wear heels or wedges to the mall, you better be walking not shuffling.

Q for Quote from a Film - Oddly enough, no quote has stuck to me and I do watch a lot of movies.

R for Right or Left handed - Right.

S for Siblings - An older brother and sister. Also have a sister-in-law and hopefully soon, a brother-in-law.

T for Time You Wake Up - It varies. My school schedule is odd but on my days off it's usually around noon.

U for Underwear - Um... yes?

V for Vegetable You Hate - None, I love my veggies!

W - What Makes You Run Late - Twitter, the ultimate distraction when you're supposed to be getting ready. Also my friend Blondie. She makes everyone run late!

X for X-rays You've Had - Besides the regular dental x-rays I take yearly, I've also taken x-rays for my thumb... It all happened when I was 17 and I had a 7:45AM class. I was so tired I slammed the car door shut on my thumb. Don't worry, no bones were broken and my thumb is intact. There was minor chipping however and it was enough to warrant a week long, dumb looking thumb guard.

Y for Yummy Food You Make - The high school I graduated from had a culinary program and I almost pursued the art until my parent's talked me out of it. Worst idea ever. Now the only thing I can make without fail is a mean turkey BLT. Does this even count??

for Zoo Animal - Pandas or Koalas. I have a thing for bears that look cute but are potentially face-ripping monsters.

Now it's your turn to tell me 26 facts about you!


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