Friday, November 25, 2011

Review: Vasanti Ultra Luxe Lipstick in Denmark

Since my lip glosses are already quite bold and lip tints are very natural, there just isn't much of a point in buying lipsticks, for me. Now this sounds unthinkable but when you also have lips with many and wide vertical lip lines, it's near impossible to find a lipstick that doesn't magnify the issue.

Then comes along Vasanti's Ultra Luxe Lipstick in Denmark; a "rich cranberry magenta".


In direct and indirect sunlight, Denmark comes off as a bright red and nothing like Vasanti describes. However, indoor lighting will truly expose the rich cranberry color. Still, I see no visible signs of the magenta tone.


Putting aside the colour issues (especially the one in the swatch -___-"), I love the Ultra Luxe formula. It migrates a little due to the creaminess but I find a lip liner fixes that easily. It's hard to find a moisturizing lipstick without the slipperiness but Vasanti did good with this one! You can tell some of Denmark has slipped into my lip lines but that is inevitable for me. The bright side is that it's not as rigid looking and more plump than usual.

Also, because the colour is so opaque, it leaves a slight stain after. The stain resembles more of magenta than cranberry so actually, I guess I am still getting the whole cranberry/magenta that Vasanti describes. As for actual wear time, the lipstick only lasts about 4 hours on me. Keep in mind that I'm a 24/7 munch; no lip product lasts more than 6 hours on me. This would definitely last longer for those who don't eat or drink much throughout the day.

Bottom Line:
After a successful experience with Denmark, I'm going to look into other Ultra Luxe lip colours. I definitely recommend you check them out too if you've had a difficult time finding moisturizing lipsticks without the slipperiness.

*Item was provided in Vancouver Beauty Bloggers Swag Bag. I am not obligated nor compensated to write a review. All opinions are my own. 


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