Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I've Got Mail + Julep Review

January has been a very strange month. Along with losing my blogging mojo (temporarily!), I also received some very devastating news. But what better way to get my mind off of things than by opening the door for the mail man. This month I received 3 packages, all of which came from Julep.

Julep had a $0.01 
deal early in December that I couldn't say no to. BUT I stupidly forgot to cancel the next subscription date and was charged $19.99 for another box (that I did not want!!). The bright side (not really) is that I ended up receiving a free introductory package too. What a delightful surprise (again, not really). Regardless of Seattle being so close to Vancouver, the boxes took forever to get here; 3 weeks, roughly.

But onto what Julep personally picked out for me based on my style, "Classic with a Twist" -


Red is a classic shade, don't get me wrong, but did I have to get one in every subscription? The worst part was the "twist" they gave me; a variety of pink's and one unsuspecting blue. Red AND pink - where is the twist in that? Pink is also a classic shade, isn't it??
Now I know I shouldn't complain because subscription boxes are all about "surprises" and if I had checked my Julep account sooner, I wouldn't have ended up with so many red's and pink's but eh? Why did I end up with two reds that are practically identical? 

As for the nail polishes themselves, they're not the greatest and definitely not worth $14 per bottle. Demi (one of the burgundy red's) chipped an hour after I applied it. The formula is also on the thick side but even so, 2 coats is not enough for a seamless finish.

Last note - I hate the bottle shape. It was cool at first but after opening each bottle, I noticed the caps wouldn't align properly with the bottle. The neat freak in me wants to twist the caps a little loose so they bottles look even but that would inevitably make the polishes age and bubble up quicker.

Bottom Line:
If I wasn't clear at all - I do not like Julep's subscription program. Their subscription is the least worthwhile subscription out there for me. While the colours they offer can be enticing, I'd much rather go to the drugstores and pick out my own colours and for less than $20. But hey, if you like surprises and nail polish, this might be the subscription for you.

Have you tried Julep's subscription program? What do you think about them? 


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