Friday, June 1, 2012

Back to Blogging + Loving Lately

We're half way into the year now and I have barely blogged. I think we can all agree that it's high time I get back to it! But first some basic Q&A to explain where and what I've been up to:

1. Where have I been?
Answer: Everywhere but my happy place. Along with school and the odd jobs here and there, I have spent almost every waking hour tending to family affairs. There is a lot of sad stuff involved and because I don't want to sadden anyone, I won't get into it! Don't worry though, the storm has passed and all that is left is the clean up.

2. What reviews are to come?
I made a list of the top priority posts which involve skincare (go figure), blush (Illamasqua!!), and Lush. Hey! That rhymed :)

3. When is that aforementioned giveaway going to happen?
Soooon; hopefully by July. Aim for Canada day or is that too corny?


4. What about The Ban?
Will be writing up my final words about it next. It deserves a post of its own!

Any other questions? Ask away in the comments!

Onto what I've been "Loving Lately"....


theBalm makes great makeup and they've recently wondered into the realms of skincare. I bought one of their skincare sets at Marshall's a few months back and only started testing it recently. The Brazil Nut Eye Perfection Gel is my new favorite eye moisturizer. I may or may not review this but if you have an insanely dry under-eye area like me, you'll LOVE this stuff.
The Apple AHA Daily Face Moisturizer is nice too - keeps my face smooth and hydrated during the day. I am not fond of the scent though.


Recently started using my Rock & Republic blushes again... Man are these blushes ever pigmented! R&R should forget making jeans and focus on making blushes. They're so good, it's a shame the cosmetics line was discontinued.


The SO & I share a matching scent; Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. (But of course, he wears Light Blue Pour Homme.) We both really like it but me more than him.
Back when Sephora had their 15% off (in March?), I had purchased the 50ml size but promptly returned it when I came across a better valued gift set at The Bay. The gift set which included a 100ml bottle + bonus 25ml cost $108 but is valued at $167. However, I only paid a little less than $150 because I had a 20% off discount that day.
When it comes to select beauty & perfume brands, I like to purchase them at The Bay now due to the amount of discounts they send to my mom & I. Thus, Sephora is slowly losing it's place in my heart... Oh well, as long as I can get my makeup somewhere, right?

Anyway, I apologize for being absent but I am back! There are loads of edited posts so I have no excuses to be away any longer!


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