Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Ban: It's Over! Or Is It?

Oh The Ban... Can you believe it's over? I can't. Since April 30th, I have been relieved of my own torture and soon after, I threw myself back in the ring. But how did I do the first time around? Well, I failed but not miserably (or so I think).

The Culprits:
Lip Balm #1 in: Pear 
Essence You Rock! Lipstain(s) in: Let Me In Rose, Your Pink Is On Fire

On a technicality, I didn't forbid myself from purchasing lip stains. The only exceptions I spoke of were tinted lip balms. However, because I culled my stash of lip stains in March and brought my stash to a count of zero, I should be making an exception. 

And on another technicality, the Kiehl's lip balms was practically free! When I made a purchase at Kiehl's Metrotown a couple of months back, I was given $15 off my purchase which basically covered the cost of the lip balm... I would like to count that as a pass but again, I'll let the readers decide!

Anyhow, The Ban isn't actually over; it has simply been revised. So starting today (June 6th, 2012), I will not purchase another lip balm, lip gloss, body lotions, washes, and hand creams until September 1st, 2012. Looking back at what is essentially The Ban: Part I, I now see how lenient I was with myself. Too lenient. Even though I found it difficult to resist buying more lip balms, I stopped myself with the knowledge that I was wasting money.  Could I possible use up all 10 lip balms with SPF before they expire in 2013? No - which means I would end up tossing away quite a few. Hence, a waste of money! Anyway, in order to achieve a better outcome, I must be more strict with my purchases but now to the point I fall into deep depression. The trouble is balance but we'll get to that later.

Tell me, how are/have your bans gone? Say good, say good!


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