Friday, August 13, 2010

Softlips PURE Natural Lip Balm - Review

In two days, I have bought seven Softlips lip balms & five Joe Fresh Style Frais lip stains...


I needed a lip balm to replace my EOS lip balm (not available in Canada) and found $2 off coupons for both Softlip products and Joe Fresh Lip Products (via and Halifax of Sparkled Beauty).
I know, I know I went a overboard! I lower my head in shame.
I initially had issues using the Softlips coupon at Wal-Mart where I found the double packs of Softlips but had zero issues when I purchased the Softlips Pure at Superstore. I went to Wal-Mart again the day after where I had issues again trying to buy the same double packs but eventually the store manager gave in. I don't want ot get too into it but coupon-ing in Vancouver sucks, end of story!

Onto the Review (shorter, less sweet review at the bottom):

I can't find this particular lip balm on the Softlips website (US or CA) so I'm not sure if the one I bought is being discontinued. Softlips PURE Natural Lip Balm retails for about $5 at Superstore and as much as $5-$7 at Shoppers Drug Mart. With my $2 off coupon, I got the Softlips PURE Natural Lip Balm for something like $4.
I generally love Softlips products but I'm surprised that I dislike this one. I had a choice between the Citrus scented or fragrance-free version but I chose the latter. Similar to the Softlips Sweet Lip Balms, Softlips PURE is easy to apply and has a slick feel to it with a bonus gloss-like finish. Unfortunately, the Softlips PURE feels a tad too slick almost as if I melted butter on my lips. Yuck. While it is unscented which I like, this lip balm wears too quickly. I find myself reapplying it every hour! I can't take a sip of water without having all of the lip balm wash right off. It moisturizes well granted it stays on my lips long enough. I use it before I get into bed and I wake up with lovely moisturized lips. I will only use this before bed time as it's not practical to have to reapply every hour during the day. I feel that if I use this 24/7, I would go through one tube too quickly and paying in full would become very costly.

Here's Softlips PURE Natural Lip Balm ontop of Joe Fresh Lip Stain in Sheer Pink:

See that glossy finish? It's like wearing a lipgloss that never fades (but it does..).

What I liked

- moisturizing
- unscented
- glossy finish
- light weight

What I disliked
- greasy
- wear time (1 hour)
- expensive

Bottom line is, I wouldn't repurchase and I do not recommend it. Softlips Sweet Lip Balms are much better although I wish they weren't so expensive for such tiny tubes..
P.S. Sorry for the lack of ingredients list! I can't find it online and I've already thrown out the packaging!


Halifax said...

Shoppers has the Softlips 2 for $5 this week, so they'd come out .50 a piece if I use 2 coupons for 2, but they didn't accept printed coupons as they said it's photocopy-able??? I was upset.

Yay for taking advantage of the $2 coupons at Joe. I only got 1 lipstain :) Sheer Pink looks good on you

Ashley said...

It didn't occur to me that I could use 2 coupons for the BOTH of the Softlips at Shoppers! I only used one :( I don't know what's up with the Softlips coupon but they seem to be causing a lot of trouble :\
And thank you so much! I think Sheer Pink and Grapefruit are the only flattering lipstains for me. Every other color is too bright or too dark.. but they are worth it!

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