Thursday, August 26, 2010

Spotted: ELF @ Dollarama

Let’s skip the fact that I haven’t blogged in over 2 weeks+ because I have good news!
(P.S. I am immensely sorry, I'm a bad blogger)

A little while back, I found out through Fantasia that ELF Eye Shadow and Blending Brushes were being sold at Dollarama for $1.50 a piece! When I found out weeks ago, I went to check straight away but I didn’t find any. I even asked a friend in another city to check out her local Dollarama but she had no luck either.
After weeks of searching, I finally found the ELF brushes at my local Dollarama while shopping with my mother today. While I couldn’t find Blending Brushes, there was the Total Face Brush and Eye Shadow Brush. I bought one Total Face Brush (which I hate…) and three Eye Shadow brushes! I already have one from 2 years ago & I like it very much. For $1.50 it’s a save but if I want to be a little more luxurious, I’ll spend the extra $3.50 on an EcoTools Deluxe Eye Shadow Brush.

When I got home today I immediately washed the brushes. The Total Face Brush shed like nuts and bled profusely! I’m scared to put it on my face as it hasn’t completely stopped bleeding… Meanwhile, one out of the three Eye Shadow Brush(es) has a few hard hairs. I can’t explain it but if you do buy any be sure to take them out of the packages in the store to check the “softness” of the hairs.
Although there’s a little sadness in my experience, I still have more good news to spew!
Zellers now carries a wider range of ELF sets! I’m talkin’ about ELF Beauty Books found at Target (US) and the mini make-up palette. Anyone see the mini ELF black boxed palette at Winners but is ALWAYS damaged because of BAD beauty junkies? Well anyway, the ones at Zellers are completely boxed and protected from filthy fingers so REJOICE!
There is a catch however… All of the ELF sets being sold at Zellers are pretty much double in price compared what the US beauty junkies have to pay! No fair but at least we have something rather than nothing…

I'll edit pictures into this post as soon as I finish cleaning my room. I didn't want anyone to miss out on the amazingness that is happening to us Canadians!

        Ashley :)


Halifax said...

Yes, I've seen some pics that people take of Elf at Zellers. The price is furious. No fair. We are prob better off waiting for a sale and shop online

Ashley said...

Ditto! I rather wait for a 75% off sale on the ELF website. I'm not in any rush to spend any more of my money on cosmetics!

Anonymous said...

I was surprised to see the Elf Beauty Book at Urban Planet at Metrotown!

Ashley said...

I haven't been to Urban Planet in ages!
Do you know how much they cost? I've seen them at Winners and Zellers for $8.99 or so.
Thanks for sharing Amme!

Anonymous said...

Ashley, I also live in Vancouver and I wondering at which Zellers did you spot Elf (oakridge mall, richmond centre, etc)? It would be great if you can reply. Thanks! :)

Ashley said...

Anon: I've seen ELF at the Zellers in Metrotown and Brentwood Mall. Oakridge, Richmond, and Coquitlam don't seem to carry ELF products.
Also, Winners has ELF Beauty Books, brush sets and lip gloss sets.

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