Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Review: Bison Wakilala Clear Wash & Bright Up Essence

Curiosity got the best of me, again. How else could I explain a rather strange purchase for armpit wash and essence? Indeed, the products sound terribly un-sexy but as weird as it is, this duo of pit cleaners is quite helpful!


When it comes to deodorants, there are the types that don't last and the ones that last too long. The Bison Wakilala Clear Wash ($8-14 USD/CAD) takes care of both issues. It has the ability to make natural deodorants last longer but also washes off all traces of heavy duty, clinical strength deodorants. It's kind of awesome, really. The wash also has exfoliating beads to help slough off dead skin on the underarms. Gross, but very satisfying!

Then there's the Bright Up Essence ($8-14 USD/CAD) which is more like a toner but for the pits. The essence ensures that all traces of stink, deodorant and dead skin are gone. Similar to an astringent toner, the essence stings on open cuts and such. I would not recommend using this after waxing or plucking! The essence also leaves the underarms feeling very chilled and wet. It's a strange feeling but I think it'll be very satisfying in warmer weather.

Both products smell great; lemony, sweet and tart. I'd absolutely love it if Bison made an accompanying deodorant in the same scent! While the duo doesn't whiten the pits (I wish), it does brighten up the area.

Bottom Line:
Strange but true, I love the Bison Wakilala line. I highly recommend the Clear Wash whether you use natural and clinical strength deodorant. The essence isn't a must but it is a treat. Unfortunately, for one tube of Clear Wash, I need two bottles of Bright Up Essence. This does become a little expensive and the only place I would recommend buying either products from is Sasa.


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