Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I've Got Mail - June Edition

Who else was forced to wait an extra week or two for important mail or packages?
Among many, I was forced to wait but fortunately, one of two packages made it to my doorsteps the week before Canada Post went on strike.

All the way from Australia and sent by the lovely Adeline of Through Beauty Eyes, I received her one year blog anniversary giveaway prize:


I am/was most excited about the fact I'd be receiving something sent all the way from Australia.
It's not often I can say, "Oh hey, a parcel all the way from Australia". I have never ordered anything from the land down under but maybe that will change in the future.
So the giveaway prizes were jam packed in an extremely cute Rilakkuma square cosmetic pouch, also one of the prizes. It's a lilac colored pouch with stars and Rilakkuma heads spread out. The Rilakkuma heads are wearing a sleeping cap which I find is the cutest factor.

Inside the pouch was a mix of mostly foreign make-up goods. My excitement lies deep within the 'Made in Australia' goodies; Face of Australia, Australis and, Lucas Papaw Ointment.
Adeline included her holy grail eye liner as a prize - Maybelline Eyestudio Drama Lasting Gel Eyeliner in Brown - which also claims to be Japan's "No. 1 Eyeliner in Japan". I don't doubt it's HG-material nor a #1 product but I wonder if it's any different than the Western-produced Maybelline gel eyeliner. Perhaps I'll do a comparison post?

Deep within the pouch was a Palmer's Body Gloss which is a ultra rich body lotion that leaves my skin looking luminous as it contains very fine shimmer. It's probably going to look very good with a tan which means I better slap on some SPF & get baking!
The My Beauty Diary Mask in Cooling Mask included will help my sunburned face if I over bake! A few Korean pieces buried even deeper: Etude House Bling Bling Eye Stick in#06 Great Bear Star), Etude House Collagen Moistfull samples and, VOV false eyelashes!

Also included was a Prestige lipstick in Penny (gorgeous golden bronze shade) and Rimmel Color Rush Mono Eye Shadow in 310 Goddess (mossy green with a velvet/Perlé finish).
The only thing un-photoed is the Easter egg chocolates & mint taffy's Adeline threw in. I ate them before I even swatched everything *oink*.

Yet another package from my significant other which ended up arriving late all thanks to Canada Post:


If you follow me on Twitter you should already be in the know about this "special" package I've been expecting. Any package from my SO is special and important but this one is the last one for a long while, seriously! No more spoiling this brat, no more he says!

Soompi's "Samples? Freebies? Coupons? Savings?" thread will be the bane of the SO's existence. I am always lurking the thread and when I came across this Laura Mercier deal back in May, I couldn't say not.
A combination of deals on Laura Mercier's website had me spiraling out of control. First the free shipping on $50 & up orders (easy). Any order over $85 at the time got a bonus 5-piece deluxe sample kit. Add in a $25 off $75 purchase code, plus a free full size foundation primer with the purchase of two face products and 3 regular samples...  How could I not ask for a half-year birthday present?

Conclusion: Extremely good deal = justified. Spoiled brat + satisfied = well-behaved.
Best part of the package was the Jack Black duo and travel size slant tweezers by Tweezerman:

The SO made an order on Sephora for himself yet somehow I ended up being a part of the order. I can't say I mind much but hopefully this isn't the last time he makes an order for himself because a guy with good hygiene's will know how to wash dishes well for the future! If I cook, someone else has to clean.

That's all I received for June and I couldn't be any happier!
What did you receive in June or are expecting for July?


mandy said...

Great packages :]
I've never gotten into that soompi thread..seems like I need to stalk it more :P
Are those two jack black lip balms similar to the others? I was interested in trying it because of it's value!

Ashley said...

Other than the difference of "flavors" for Jack Black lip balms, the texture and ingredients are the exact same :)

D.Sadie said...

Wow, that's a great package! Enjoy your goodies. =)

Ashley said...

D. Sadie,
I will/have :P

Che said...

What awesome goodies you got, glad Canada post is done being on strike.

Heh I also stalk the coupon thread on soompi too, i spend way to much money cause of that thread. I really wish I did the Laura Mecier deal, such a great deal, I missed out on. Glad you got it though and can't wait to see reviews.

Adorable On Your Vanity said...

Fabulous...the only good thing about Canada Post's strike is that you get to see everything at once.

Ashley said...

The Soompi thread is horrible. It's like the ultimate enabler but I can only blame myself for checking it daily!
I think a LM deal like this one pops up at least twice a year so don't fret, there might be a next time!

Adorable On Your Vanity,
Yes! So happy I can roll around in my goodies all at once. It's like rolling in piles of money heheh :P

Vintage Makeup said...

The makeup bag is so cute! Great mail dear :)

Ashley said...

Vintage Makeup,
Isn't it? It makes me smile each time I take make up out of it :)

G A B Y said...

I also won a Lucas' Papaw Ointment in a giveaway and I absolutely love it, it works wonders for my dry lips!

Ashley said...

I haven't tried the Lucas Papaw Ointment yet. I'm waiting to get bit by a mosquito to see if it relieves itchy or redness :P
I'll try it on my lips when the time comes though!

Rilakumaki said...

OMG The rilakkuma pouch!!! To die for!!

Ashley said...

It's the most adorable cosmetic pouch I have ever owned<3

Steph said...

Uggh! I know--the Canada Post strike was so awful! I'm so glad none of the products in my mails came damaged! But wooooooowwww so many new goodies :) Congrats on winning the giveaway!

Ashley said...

YAY! Glad we both got undamaged goods.
I think my luck will run out soon though :x

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