Friday, July 8, 2011

Spotted: Revlon, EOS, Kiss, Too Faced

Spotted a few new collections/deals that I piqued my interest.
Perhaps you'll see something you like too?

At London Drugs, the few that carry Too Faced, is having a 40% off sale on select Too Faced face products.

Photo is quite useless...IMG_1472

Revlon's new scented nail polishes with no accompanying limited edition lip gloss.Must hoard all of the scented nail polishes. I love them so so so much!


EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balms for $4.99!

EOS Smooth Sphere

How long has it been since EOS Smooth Sphere's debutted in the U.S.? Quite a few years, no?
Finally spotted them in Canada at London Drugs and again at Zellers.
London Drugs only carries Honeydew & Summerfruit whereas Zellers carries the former two and Sweet Mint. 

Might as well grab your EOS from Zellers to get 10% off (if you have an SPF Card) & rack up some HBC Rewards Points.

At Wal-Mart I only spotted two interesting things:
Revlon's accompanying limited lip glosses to the new scented nail polish display.


The weird part is that I didn't see the new scented polishes at Wally World.
While it's a mere $4 for these LE lip glosses in the U.S., it's $7.96 here. How friendly...

Last but not least, the new-ish Kiss false eyelashes!



Cool string application. Not sure if it works or it's simply a gimmick but there are 9 designs to choose from. Also, these lashes might be a one time use only so for $4.97, that's a bit much.

That's all that I've spotted in the past week. What other displays/collections are out that I need to know about?


Nicky Bromow said...

I read I post on those false lashes recently (I dunno where, since I read from 30 beauty blogs daily) but the lady said the application was easy, but removing the strings attached simply ripped the lashes away because the strings are too well glued to it. You can give it a try, but seems like its not so good...

Vintage Makeup said...

The too faced display is so pretty!


I can't wait to zoom on over to London Drugs and pick me up some Too Faced products ! :) & I can't wait to get the Kiss lashes too ! Thank you so so much <3


Ashley said...

Nicky Bromow,
Not actually a big fan of false lashes myself because I'm a complete newbie when it comes to putting them on. I think the string idea is nifty though!

Vintage Makeup,
Agreed. Especially with all those 40% off signs ;P

You're welcome!

Mischievous Mack said...

I am so excited that you have a mascara guard too!
Nice blog :)
I have the EOS in Honeydew, they sell it at Sobeys :S
I am kind of neutral on it though.... It's so big!

Ashley said...

Mischievous Mack,
Thank you!
EOS have lovely scented lip balms but yes, the packaging is no longer as attractive as it once was.

Marina said...

Woow, after reading your post I just want to go shopping shopping shopping :)

Ashley said...

Is that a good thing or a bad thing? ;)

Jessy said...

OMG you r so lucky to have Too faced at 40% off~~~here in toronto, they are always full priced....jealous~~~


Ashley said...

Who knows, maybe that'll change!

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