Friday, July 29, 2011

Review: Supergoop! SPF 35+ Save Face A.M. Moisturizer with Advanced UV Protection

And the longest product name goes to the Supergoop! SPF 35+ Save Face A.M. Moisturizer with Advanced UV Protection. It's such a mouthful that I'm simply going to call it the "Supergoop! Save Face" from here on out.

Supergoop! Description:


The essential first step in a complete morning skincare regimen, Save Face A.M. is a two-in-one sunscreen-moisturizers that protects against sun and environmental damage in a shine-free, weightless lotion.

Key Ingredients

- Parsol: Provides protection from long wavelength UVA rays and boosts UV protection to meet EU recommendations for high-protection sunscreen.
- Blueberry Extract: Supercharged antioxidant helps prevent and repair oxidative damage and assists in boosting the regenerative power of the skin's cells to improve skin's smoothness, wrinkles, texture, and elasticity.
- Vitamin E: Antioxidant-rich extract to protect from free radicals triggered by sunlight, tobacco smoke, and smog.

Key Benefits
- Blends beautifully into the skin without leaving a shiny or a white, chalky finish
- Airless finger pump preserves the strength of the active ingredients while allowing every last drop to be dispensed from the tube
- Very water resistant (up to 80 minutes in water)

We're deep into summer now but I know there are still a few lazies frolicking in the sun without a sunscreen on. The lazies (like me!) loathe spending extra time applying moisturizer over sunscreen but to make it easier, Doctor T (A. Thaggard M.D.) of Supergoop! created a time saving 2-in-1 sunscreen+moisturizer. If you're OCD and want to reduce the amount of jars or tubes sitting on your vanity, Save Face also has you covered.

While the 2-in-1 product sounds terrific, Supergoop! Save Face isn't my number one pick for this summer and won't be for the next. Even though Save Face protects against UVA (PA++)  and UVB (SPF 35) rays, the formula just isn't cutting it for me.
The promise of "no white, chalky finish" is promise met but there's still a problem with shine and a slight greasy feeling. The greasiness never settles and it makes my base makeup slide right off within a few hours. At least the sunscreen doesn't sting my eyes if it slides into my eyes.

For 90 ml worth of product the $28 price tag seems reasonable but then again, I have nothing to compare this to. The scent starts off like a "it came from your car engine" but it simmers down to your average sunscreen scent.
What I will comment nicely on is the packaging. The upside down tube is sturdy but not heavy. Instead of squeezing the moisturizer out, there's a pump instead that dispenses and even amount of Save Face each time. I use one pump for my entire face and another half a pump for my ears and neck. It has been nearly three months of using Save Face and I'm finally half way through my tube, not too shabby.

Bottom Line:
If you're in the market for a sunscreen & moisturizer combo for daily wear, Supergoop! Save Face is not the way to go. This would make for a great beach or pool-side face AND body sunscreen (it's water resistant) but it's not affordable if used that way.
Perhaps it's just the province I'm in but it looks like the brand is also unavailable locally in Canada. If you're still interested in Save Face or any other Supergoop! sunscreen, check the Sephora or Supergoop! website for availability.




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