Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'm Feeling Empty

Boy, what a depressing blog title...
Don't fret dear, I'm only talking about all of the products I have used up since January to July!
Besides showing off my most amazing purchases, I also love to brag about using up a pile of products. It's insanely hard to use up anything when you're a hoarder like me, believe me.

I'll start off with the small stuff:


My new favorite hair products. If only the Suave dry shampoo was available in Canada.
Good thing I picked up two bottles of it when I was in Seattle because I only used my first bottle ten times before it went empty (wtf??). The Body Shop shampoo & condition will be reviewed very soon. It's good stuff!


I finished a few full sized tubes of mascaras too but I accidentally threw those out yet I remembered to keep the sample sizes... Let's blame my selective memory for that.

I'm really glad I get to throw out this small collection of eye make up though.
The Physicians Formula Eye Booster serum in Clear doesn't work. I'm glad there was a full rebate sticker included because I seriously want my money back.
Clinique mascaras are horrible for my thin, pin straight lashes. They weight down my lashes (can't hold a curl for the life of it) and smudge at the tiniest sight of tears. I have tried Benefit Bad Gal twice now and I still hate it.
Lancome Définicils is the best mascara I have tried for lengthening but it's not something I'd purchase. I don't pay for mascaras over $10 unless it's a Japanese brand. I've been spoiled by Kiss Me Heroine Make and Dejavu Fiberwig!


A random assortment of cleansers and make up removers.
I used the Bioré cleansers to clean my facial clothes and make up brushes. Good for the brushes, bad for my face. The make up removers to remove make up of course. I prefer cleansing oils/waters now but these duo-phase make up removers are good. Too bad they're a waste of cotton pads and tissue. Can't you see I'm trying to shrink my carbon foot print??


The Vaseline lotion was only half full (or empty) when I started using it in January. The SO left it with me so he didn't have to take it back home with him on his last visit (lazy); yet it took me half a year to finish it. My excuse is that I have been rotating various lotion samples throughout this time. The Elizabeth Grant Lubricating Body Cream was from a Luxe's May order. Do not like it - it's sticky and smells like glue. Do not like Nivea's lotion either but I had to use it all up, including this extra sample packet of it from an Elle magazine.

When did I buy this exfoliator? It feels like I've had it forever but it can't have been too long.
I actually really like this and will probably do a review on it. If I didn't have the Salux, I would repurchase this or try out the infamous Soap & Glory Flake Away scrub!


Another random assortment of cleansers but toners as well. Eye spy a sad and empty bottle of CURE Natural Aqua Gel, do you?
I have reviewed most of the items in this picture or have spoken briefly about them. The only products I am not a fan of is the Lancôme toner and the Clinique toner. Something about mid to high-end toners always ticks me off. It could be the amount of alcohol that's in them or my skin but I'll stick to softeners and lotions from now on. Hada Labo Gokujyun Lotion, anyone?

So this is my collection of empty bottles and tubes dedicated to a post where I can brag about the stuff I have used up instead of stuff I have purchased! I am upset that I can't brag a bit more because of empty bottles that have gone missing but there's always a next time.
In fact, I have a few bottles nearing it's recycling death but I'm saving that for later!

What have you used up recently and do you ever recycle afterwards? I'm thinking of joining but I normally put my empties in the blue recycling basket for weekly recycling. 


mandy said...

So many! I wonder how long this took :P

Ashley said...

Most of it was finished in either 3 months or 6. Some were even finished within a few weeks!

Liz (Beauty Reductionista) said...

That's a whole lot of stuff there, missy! Good job!!

Have you tried Clinique Lash Power? It doesn't lengthen/volumize much but seriously does not smudge or budge. I use it sometimes just to darken the lashes.

Ashley said...

Thanks Liz!
It's one of those years where I just want to clear out all of my inventory. It's a long process but oh so rewarding when I look at a bucket full of empties :D
As for the Clinique Lash Power, I haven't tried that before but I'll keep an eye out for it. I've been using all these crappy mascaras for so long, I can't stand it!

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