Friday, January 28, 2011

(I've) Got Mail, Again!

Never in my life have I had so much mail delivered to me!
The worst type of mail is the type that doesn't have YOUR name on it. What comes in second is ad mail and bills or ad mail and bills WITH your name on it.
The best type of mail is the type that has your name on it but it isn't ad/junk mail or bills. In second is COUPONS!
Now I've been expecting three more pieces of mail since the beginning of January and finally, two have arrived. They also happen to be make-up pieces, again ;)
Mail with my name on it, contains make-up, arrived safely.... BEST MAIL EVER!
Take a look:
Best. Mail. Ever.
I didn't have any luck finding the Wet n Wild Pixie Holiday palettes in stores so I resorted to buying one on Ebay. It cost a dollar more than the retail price but atleast I have ONE of the Pixie palettes now! I still want Night Elf, Sugar Plum Fairy and Golden Goddess (in that order!) but I don't need them. (I'll keep lying to myself until something more exciting comes along...)The Cargo Tinted Moisturizer (with SPF 20) in Nude 02 is from the Holiday Charity Auction. I'm glad I participated in this charity event and I hope Karla hosts the charity again. It would make for a lovely annual charity event from beauty junkies!
The thought of my money going to a good cause and getting to indulge in make-up, it's an awesome feeling!

I haven't swatched or used the Wet n Wild palette and I probably won't get to that for a long time. I tried the Cargo TM the day I received it and it's a little too dark for me right now. It also leans a bit orange so I'm not sure if this will do for the summer. I love the formula though! It's creamy yet light weight and gives medium coverage. Or the darkness could be fooling me... What ever the case, I love the past two weeks. Nothing brightens my day better than mail and make-up, combined!
How about you? When was the last time you received something in the mail?


Elle said...

i heard the W&W palette has really good color payoff for the price. Don't you just love the feeling of receiving something in the mail? i always get so excited hahaha, that's probably why i always order a bunch of useless things online ;P

Ashley said...

I looove getting mail but paying for postage is so expensive! Sometimes the contents aren't even as expensive as the postage.

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