Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hoarders - Nail Polish Edition

I introduced the, "Hoarders" cosmetic series awhile back. Since then, I've been procrastinating. I didn't know where or when to start but I ultimately chose nail polish to start off this crazy series. (I'm regretting that now...) I should have started off with lip products as that collection is... smaller in physical size (not quantity).

I reorganized my nail polish last night & took advantage of the little sun Vancouver had today to take some photos. Here is the collection in it's cozy shoe box:

Albeit, it isn't the prettiest or neatest way of doing things - it's fine for now. I'm just glad I'm not a nail polish junkie that requires the iconic IKEA Helmer.
{My dad would freak out.. he'd have an absolute fit and I'd never live to hear the end of it. I have no space in my room anyhow ;__;}
I've separated the polishes by brand, split in rows and sorted by color (sort of). A lot of it is still mixed up as not enough brands could fill one row.
My collection ranges from Revlon, Color Club, Wet n Wild, NYC, Sally Hansen, Orly, China Glaze, Sinful Colors, Essie, L'Oreal, Nicole by OPI, Rimmel, Sula, Joe Fresh, Maybelline, Winmax (Daiso brand), Claire's, Seche, and random Asian nail polishes that were gifted.
*Numbers in brackets indicate number of polishes by each brand*
Revlon (14) dominates the collection, NYC (12) coming in second, Sally Hansen in third (10), and Color Club (7) coming in fourth. All of the other brands - I have atleast 1 to 5 of.
I'm actually too afraid to count the total of polishes I have but I should be disposing half of this collection as it is waaaay too old to be using. Nail polish thinner can't even salvage some of the polishes.

I have more nail polishes than my mom has ever had. I'm 19 and she's almost 50. You would think my mom took advantage of all that time but she only cares for pinks and purples. Whereas I, am a fan of all colors (besides vomit green and banana yellow).
I started experimenting with crème and pastel shades last year and I'm oh-so-inlove with mint greens, lavender purples and pink pastelles. A majority of the Revlon polishes are crèmes and pastelles... Confession: I own three mint green crèmes and three lavender crèmes... It's shameful but it was the trend of Spring 2010! I'm positive this was when I started collecting (madly) again. Before then, I hadn't touched most of my polishes.

Honestly though, I rock red nails 90% of the time. I'm convinced cherry reds make my hands appear smaller than they already are. But man, that pop of color... I need it to brighten my day! And hey, even the boyfriend likes the red nails ;)

I should have made a list of colors by each brand but my collection is quite meager and I'm sure full reviews could be found via Google. I also accept questions & requests through comments so don't fret if I missed something!
If it helps, I have some individual shots of certain brands :)

You can see most of the polishes have separated (a little to a lot). This is what happens when you don't rotate your nail polishes enough... And shaking them is a bad idea too but how else do you reverse the separation???
Anyhow, not alot of peeps love Revlon but I can't get enough of their scented nail polishes! I'm surprised the scented ones are better formulated than the regular line. The Top Speed line is by far the best though. They're quick drying, opaque & easy to use!
However, I'm not a fan of Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear line. Too bad I have quite a few.. They're atleast two years old & I no longer like the colors I chose but I think a nail polish thinner can fix their current state. I'll try to use them if I ever get into nail art or... Konad! (*___*)
The last four polishes are from Japan. I bought those over 4 years ago! I hardly touched them - too sheer but I can't seem to let them go...

My top re
commendations are: Revlon (for scented polishes, quick drying polishes, and opaque polishes), China Glaze (for quality and  price) and Color Club (for price and ease of use). I also like NYC and Wet n Wild polishes but NYC has very little colors I like and Wet n Wild handles feel small and awkward. Oh, I almost forgot Sinful Colors & Orly - I only own two of each so far but they are very good! I'd like to try more but it's obvious I don't need more... UNLESS it's a duochrome or holographic polish!

I feel this post was a tad long... but luckily, I have nothing else to add!

                                                                      Hope you enjoyed,


che said...

Oh great collection!

I love the color club set you have and I'm just like you, I definitely like to separate my polish by brands and no matter how old, I can't seem to let any go.

Ashley said...

Hi Che,
I've actually only used the first color from the Color Club set :x I still love it though<3
The hardest part about disposing nail polish is that there's no environmentally friendly way to do it!

Andrea said...

That is a great collection! I only have like 5 or 6 nail polishes and I really envy you. The thing is that I would love to try some china glaze or essie ones, but they are not sold in Spain :(


Ashley said...

Hi Andrea,
Spain doesn't have China Glaze or Essie??! I've tried Essie before but I find their formulas are a little thin & apply too sheer.
If you have access to OPI, you aren't missing out on China Glaze too much. I hope you find a way to expand your collection!
Thanks for stopping by<3

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