Saturday, January 29, 2011

H&M Cosmetics: Eyeshadows by H&M - Review & Swatches

Slowly but surely, clothing brands are entering the make-up market & you'll see most people are oh-so-skeptical about the fashion houses beauty products.
I admit I've turned my cheek once or twice when I pass by Claire's, Ardene's, Forever 21, and even H&M's cosmetic racks but sometimes... I can't resist. I need my make up fix!

Back in December, I tried my very first H&M Eyeshadow palette. While I didn't fall in love with the palette, I also didn't hate it. It isn't that the palette was a complete dud because it wasn't, the colors just aren't very me. I was pleasantly surprised by the pigmentation (I assumed the eye shadows would apply sheer) but cursed with fall out.
In January, I couldn't help but test my luck again and grabbed yet another "not a very me" palette.
Eye shadows by H&M in Gives Me That Special Glow.

I used the included sponge tip applicator for the swatches but I'm still impressed by the pigmentation these H&M eyeshadow palettes carry. Using a brush causes a bit of powder fluff and again, quite a bit of fall but that isn't what I'm least fond of. Of course, I'm least fond of the price tag; $6.95CAD but I'm just like that. I never like paying over $5 for nearly drugstore-like eyeshadow palettes! I can't help but expect more and no thanks to the powder fluff, fall out, there's still the factor of crumbling. Yes, the eye shadows are also a bit crumbling when I apply too much pressure to the pans. Though that's mostly when I use sponge tip applicators!
Each palette includes 4 eye shadows and at $6.95CAD per palette, it comes out to $1.73CAD per shadow before taxes. Not bad actually!

Bottom line:
I can recommend these eyeshadow palette under two conditions:
1) Use a $5 off coupon (just cause it's a superb deal that way!).
2) Try a palette with colors that you know you'll use. I won't be using the blue in My Summer Romance or Gives Me That Special Glow - waste of $1.73 each, I know!
I surely hope this review helps your decisions in trying H&M Eye shadows!

Happy Shoppin',


Shop N' Chomp said...

They give $5 off coupons? Where can I get one? :)

Ashley said...

I've read H&M gives out $5 off coupons after you spend over $40. I always spend over $40 at H&M so I get the $5 all the time.
Don't forget to download the H&M App if you have an iPod/iPhone!

thomessa said...

I'm always a bit skeptical of buying makeup from clothing brands, but I do like the colors in this H&M palette.

Ashley said...

Tell me about it! If I was skeptical before I'm twice as much now because of Forever 21. Some of their makeup is their own & then some are just re"designed" makeup from ELF & L.A. Colors manufacturers.

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Nice swatches! The H&M eyeshadows look really pretty! I'm always a little skeptical about clothing stores coming out w/makeup! :p Like Forever 21 :p haha

I really like your blog! :) Glad I stumbled upon it - write soon :) I am your new follower!

Ashley said...

Hi Rainy,
Welcome to my blog and thank you for following<3
It's alright to be skeptical about F21 makeup... the brand is pretty sketchy!
I think I like Topshops makeup line most even though I've never tried them. Unlike other fashion houses, they bring out new makeup collections every season!

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